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  1. Did you changed te cöordinates in the script itself?
  2. Wow, just installed em 4 again, just to play this amazing mod! It just... I'm speechless. Great!
  3. Yes, but the scripts I mentioned are the most used.
  4. You need an 'alarmirings/rufe script' and a ParkAtBase script.
  5. I never heard about a version of em 4 that you can't mod?
  6. Strange. My graphics card is really crap (Intel Graphics HD Family or something like that...). And your computer? Is it a laptop? Then I have the same laptop as you have (I play em 4 on a desktop computer). But otherwise than the bad graphics card, I don't know a solution.
  7. I have the same problem to. I used to play with it now and the only solution for it is to update your graphics card or buy a better graphics card.
  8. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you face more problems or diffculties!
  9. Please follow these steps: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/tutorials/article/31-em4911fr-adding-vehicle-to-game-video/ Or these if you prefer: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/tutorials/article/1-emergency-4-adding-vehicles/ Good luck.
  10. It wasn't even worth reading. I don't believe that stuff. I'm sure you will reincarnate. And I'm sure I will reincarnate in some useless thing, like an uncooked potato.
  11. Go to your Em 4 directory folder. For the standard game: D:/program files/emergency 4/data/specs/ and the xml should be named fp_params_endless or fp_params_challenge. For a mod: D:/program files/emergency 4/mods/*mod of your choice*/specs/ and the xml should be named fp_params_endless or fp_params_challenge.
  12. Wat is er gebeurd met het andere NL Forum? Hebben ze de domeinnaam niet betaald?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kermit


      12-10-12 hopen ze weer online te zijn.

    3. RedHawk504


      Woesh, de wereld vergaat op dat forum.

    4. Brandweer_Rilland


      Haha lol maar volgens mij gingen ze verder op een andere server maar wel onder dezelfde naam

  13. Of course this idea is possible. I started here with no skills, but now I'm actually starting to be a pro at it. First of all, you could take a look at the freeplay.xml. Here you can change small things in freeplay, like the starting time, starting budget and even disable and enable events. And I also suggest the same tip Gunswat gave you. Start in tutorial section.
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