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  1. Looks good! Looking forward to seeing it when it's all together and release-ready.
  2. Most people don't think ahead like that. The real reason for not continuing ideas is the lack of motivation.
  3. Kookas

    Rundefjord Mod

    I think alley lights have a wider range than that, such a narrow, focused beam of light wouldn't be very useful and it makes sense if you think about it
  4. Kookas

    Royal Mod

    What's the point of the Royal Family these days anyway? All the roles for the titles they claim are handled by others. They haven't got much of a purpose.
  5. Yeah, it's 3dsmax - read the title bar at the top.
  6. Kookas

    LEGO mod

    That's adorable :3
  7. Kookas

    LEGO mod

    I think it's more because no-one except the people who developed the game knows how to make bones work in Emergency 4.
  8. Hi, Some more information can be found here: http://www.serious-g...tions.de/health So it looks like the game is designed for doctors and paramedics to use in theory-work..
  9. Yeah but the bridge is a failure, if I recall correctly you can't move vehicles to particular points on it.
  10. If he sends it, be wary of tricks like polygon decimation.. I've seen that used to disguise models before.
  11. If the bugs are so easy to fix, go and fix them yourself. They're probably trying to make a patch that fixes all these bugs in one go, which takes time and effort. The world doesn't revolve around you, have some patience.
  12. No, doesn't look like it. They look the same, but then, they're models of the same thing. Look at the smaller details: this one has more curvature in the windscreen and has five axles, that one has four. The wing mirrors and the fuel tank (what little you can see of it) are also different. Generally, this model is more detailed. I'm still suspicious just because of the way he has worded his posts. The way he wrote them makes me think that he's lying. It's difficult to tell when someone is lying over the Internet because you don't have the body language, voice, etc and they have more time to think up their answer, but it is possible. First of all, he shows no pride for his model even after he was accused of stealing. Secondly, the way he lists his reasons is suspicious, as if he has improvised them (if he were telling the truth, surely he would have been more fluid and confident in providing his reasoning?). Thirdly, overuse of the emoticon. Seems kind of like the scratching your chin thing in real life - people get nervous and add in little things to try to make it seem like they're calm and all good when they're not telling the truth (to him, no emoticons might seem as if he were worried and taking it very seriously). Fourth, web design has nothing whatsoever to do with 3d modelling. It's almost like an artist saying he's good with building construction because he's an artist. And then finally, when people aren't motivated to make their own models, they're unlikely to get that motivation just from someone telling them to. His model is clearly this, ported to another program: http://sketchup.goog...ba6&prevstart=0 The details are exactly the same. He's just added an orange box thing on top of it and removed the wheels.
  13. Can't, as in, be bothered? He could at least try; we all start somewhere..
  14. So you're going to do something generally disapproved of, whilst informing everyone that you're going to do that? That's kind of like announcing over a megaphone, "I'm going to go and break into someone's house now. I know I shouldn't, but oh well." :<
  15. You like your high-rise fires, don't you
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