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  1. Thank you for your work. It is looking great!!
  2. Yeah I also want to play it. Looks great!
  3. Uhhh ...still recovering from those news
  4. Ahhhhhh maybe community should start something and don't wait for 16T. Worldwide unique big cenarios 16/20Km^2 Real knowledge on Emergency Services Realistic operations challenging issues Simulation and fun Very well picked apparatus and equipment Highly focused on community and modding State of the art mentality Appropriate for all ages, but still challenging Cenarios with in map stations Realistic vehicles driving Retro, modern and future in one simulator Is someone else understanding what we have been loosing. Waiting for the new GTA 6
  5. As time passes by, opportunities that got lost. A platform where Em4 community alike could come back to life. Unfortunately not by the hand of Ralph Stock.
  6. Yeah Exactly. It's not much money actually... Hope the total budget to be bigger. For a emergency title in 2021. The amount of diverse content you have to create a top selling game of RTS based in what they have been producing. Its enough to make a game but will it get to the next level... I like the part where is says "full living world" and "preferred Multi-player". Looking to see something about modding. As well the vanilla game
  7. https://www.bmvi.de//SharedDocs/DE/Artikel/DG/games-projekte/emergency-one.html
  8. content "EMERGENCY ONE is a cooperative real-time strategy game in which the player completes a large number of missions and coordinates with the emergency services team in order to cope with accidents and disasters. Logic, time and micromanagement are required. The game environment and game design convey a lively, realistic world in which multiplayer is preferred (but not exclusively) . EMERGENCY ONE stands in the tradition of the more than 20 year old EMERGENCY series and develops it significantly in many aspects."
  9. True, Unreal is Top. In which way could this be a game changer? Better graphics? Bigger map/scenarios?
  10. Long time no see Stan! If this isn't true I think I will make one game by myself
  11. Hello everyone, How are you all doing? I heard there might be a new game in development... I think it's called "Emergency One". Good news!! The game is or is not being developed by Sixtoons Entertainment/ Promotion Software/ Phoenix Games. I haven't found much about it... But there is proves... NUMBER 1 The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has published details on phase 2 of computer games funding. While in Phase 1, which has now been completed, a total of 226 small projects were subsidized with almost 27 million euros, in Phase 2 larger projects are funded. Gameswirtschaft reports that since December 1st, 2020 the title " Emergency One ", a real-time strategy title from Promotion Software has been funded with a total of 913,204 euros. https://www.gameswirtschaft.de/politik/games-foerderung-2020-mimimi-games/ The funding runs until November 30th, 2022 NUMBER 2 Phoenix bought Sixteen Tons and its being said in interview that the emergency series would be continued. https://www.gameswirtschaft.de/wirtschaft/phoenix-games-kauft-promotion-software/ https://www.gameswirtschaft.de/wirtschaft/ralph-stock-klaas-kersting-interview/ NUMBER 3 Take a look at the positions available... https://www.sixteen-tons.de/en/career/ I think there is some emergency game being developed... Probably at early stage.
  12. As it says on your interest they are nothing... includes this topic for sure. Maybe your signature is an advice for yourself... so depressing. No one invited you to this. Still welcome!
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