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  1. Why are mods dying?

    While it's true that I handed the mod over to Itchboy, we do in fact plan to release some version of the mod in the future. I can't say how soon because, well, I'm not in control of it anymore. But I can say with certainty that Itchboy is doing good things with it and he has made more progress than I would be able to, with everything I've got going on right now. I'll tell you the reasons for the way things have changed... for me personally, it's because I'm in Paramedic school and working in EMS full-time on top of that. That leaves me with barely enough time to get enough sleep each week. This will change eventually as school comes to a close and all I have to worry about is a job. I might then have more time on my hands for doing some modding. But anyone who's been through it will tell you, especially combined with a job, Paramedic school is a long, arduous process. This is a similar story for a lot of the modding veterans around here, whatever their careers or schooling may be. People have families and lives to worry about, too. On a broader scale... Well, many of us were excited for Emergency 5. The graphics looked like a huge improvement, and they were. The developers promised easy modding, and... well, we didn't exactly get that. At all. Almost nobody on here knows how to mod Emergency 5, because the system is way different from 4, and that's fine, except the devs only bothered to throw together not even a quarter-assed attempt at instructional videos and tutorials. Not to mention that they added almost nothing new to gameplay, didn't implement any of the things that people loved from the LA mod, in fact gameplay of Em5 honestly felt dumbed down to me. The animation and cutscenes are still cringey, and the game was unstable for a long time upon release although they have patched it quite a bit since then. Because of all these issues, the game is not marketable to very many who were not already a fan of the Emergency series, and it certainly didn't seem to attract very many new modders. So on the cusp of the release of Em5 a lot of us were super excited for what we'd be able to do with modding. What we got was the exact opposite, the game is not easy to mod at all especially if you're a non-German speaker. And now to add insult to injury the devs seem to just be re-releasing the same game with minor additions and are trying to milk us for $20, $30, etc. again. All that has caused a significant decrease in morale among us older Em4 modders... we don't see the series heading in a positive direction, so what's the point? That being said, Em4 still has value and Itchboy and I intend to keep working with it for a while.
  2. Hey everyone. As my personal life is getting busier and busier, I am handing over lead creative control of the mod over to Itchboy. This might not surprise you, since he's been the primary poster of updates. This is by no means a departure from the project; I will still be involved with development, and Itchboy and I stay in frequent communication. I will also still be creating other content for Em4 when time permits. Thank you all for your continued support!
  3. It sounds like an update is overdue. The mod is in limbo, for now. I'm going through Paramedic school while working full-time, and have a lot less time than usual to commit to modding. Keep in mind that is all temporary, and when things settle down, you can expect to see future releases.
  4. All I meant by that was if they're not featured in Montana they will be released in some other fashion. They will come out one way or another.
  5. Hey everyone, want to give a quick update to clear some things up and also provide information on where the mod stands right now. - We ask that you not discuss or post links to any old versions of the mod. We request that the mods enforce this from here on out. That doesn't mean that you can't discuss the mod, just that posting/asking for links to older versions is discouraged. Reason being is we feel like the previously released version was super buggy and we don't want it floating around in the official thread. - Itchboy has made great progress in troubleshooting some of the major bugs. Right now we are trying to focus on getting a smooth gameplay experience going, and then will move on to aesthetic changes. - I don't, unfortunately, have a timeline for a release date. I am very busy with my EMS classes and work these days. I hope to get something out by the fall but can't make any promises. We will make some posts with new media as we are able to do so. I've been working on some very cool new models, both vehicle and peds, with features that haven't been seen before in an American mod. Can't share details right now but just know that we are continuing work on this and you can expect to see some never-before-seen models and features coming out in the future. Whether these will make it into Montana is yet to be seen, but they will be shared nonetheless.
  6. i would like to download montana mod but cant find the files


    1. bama1234


      Hi th4, the Montana Mod was pulled until a stable version can be released

  7. New layout suggestions

    Loving the new layout. I like the "flat" theme, and everything seems to be running smoothly. My only suggestions would be to change the red parts to a more vibrant blue, and to bring back the window that shows people's status updates. I miss that feature
  8. Thanks everyone. Also, anyone who wants to show their support is encouraged to put our new banner in their signature: http://i.imgur.com/SuYN9qK.gif
  9. Great news everyone. Itchboy was able to isolate the mod's performance issues to the Civil Car Pack, as well as a few other smaller things. This means the lag everyone was experiencing has more or less been fixed! I will be taking over development for a while and getting things looking pretty and filling in some gaps here and there. We will then move forward with a beta, and eventually a release. The biggest hurdle has been cleared. This new build was tested, and performed well, on a computer with a Pentium dual-core processor and integrated nVidia graphics chip. So all those with lower-end PCs, to an extent, should be able to run the next release of the mod smoothly.
  10. Itchboy has indeed taken a hiatus, but as NFK said, I am still continuing development on the mod.
  11. We're not 100% sure yet how the callout structure will be in the next update. All I can say is we're going to try to get it optimized.
  12. So here's the deal. As Itchboy mentioned, I'm very, very busy with real life at the moment. So he's going to be taking the lead on working on the improvements, bug fixes, etc., for the time being. I'm still controlling the mod and I'll be reviewing everything, as well as jumping in to help contribute when I get the chance. For the time being, I'm going to leave the DL link down until we get some issues with bugs and content sorted out. I don't have an ETA yet on when it will be back up. We're also having issues with people taking content from the mod/reposting it without permission/etc., so we need to get all of that ironed out as well.
  13. I was unaware the DL link was down. Will try to resolve this ASAP.
  14. I haven't tested the mod with Windows 10, so unfortunately, I can't guarantee compatibility. Hopefully our next patch will alleviate the issue. Feel free to file a bug report.