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  1. Hey, I just had a bloody crazy but revolutionary idea. Maybe once you finish the 90s and 80s versions, maybe you should dive further into history by making a 70s, 60s, and 50s one. Just a thought, that way we could have the American Lafrance Duplexes, the Mack 45U cabs, the Seagraves, older Firecoaches, all that. Just a thought.
  2. I figured the Mack Tankers might not have made it, I think the newest Mack was a 45ish, perhaps we could keep counting down in the project nostalgia mod to be 40s-60s, would that be interesting! Anyways, I think the Oshkosh and GMCs had to have made it to at least the later 70s, I know an oshkosh made it until the late 70s. Here is a picture of it below. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0IjRaIUCXhw/VQygseTzneI/AAAAAAABLRM/LBTcJc5L6lE/s1600/1955%2BOshkosh%2B1000%2Bgallon%2BLAFD.jpg I also found two more older tankers, not LAFD but same type they used. http://www.eastherkimerfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/GMC-TANKER.jpg http://www.eastherkimerfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/1952-TANKER.jpg
  3. Tank wagons carry anywhere from 300 to 2500 gallons of water, and normally have a 50-1000GPM pump. So if you ask me for EM4's water script I would say make the GMC (and if you make it, the retro mack) a "light" tank wagon with 2000 gallons of water on it. And name the Kenworth bullnose, the standard Kenworth, and the oshkosh in as a "heavy" tank wagon with around 3000 gallons of water. That's just my idea.
  4. Righto, thanks! The mack is a 45u and the kenworth is a 50s bullnose, that's about all I can get down, good luck with the other tankers!
  5. Awesome! Glad you are adding some tankers in. Any chance you can make the Kenny or the Mack too? I can get you some more pictures of the Mack if you want and Kenworth as well.
  6. Fair enough! I found two pictures of the Kenworth Tank Wagon and two of the GMC they had, I also found some brush "tankers" which would be pretty useless as none of them had anything over 400 gallon water tanks. I did however find pictures of the early to late 1940s Mack 45u COE tankers they had, which had around 600 gallons of water on it. . http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_lafd_retired_tanker.html http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_lafd_retired_brush.html
  7. Hey! I'm loving this mod, a suggestion though, maybe you fellas at Project Nostalgia can add a tank wagon? I would think it would be quite efficient, especially with the 3 forest areas around the map. Off the top of my head here is information about them if you are not familiar: Tank wagons (officially called as "tank wagons") were the tankers of the Los Angeles Fire Department, dating back to the 1930s, and in service to this day (LAFD currently has 2 tankers per Wikipedia). Tank Wagons of the 50s-80s generally had 350-2500 gallons on them depending on the make/model This one, Tanker 97 has 600 gallons on it, really for brush fires with smaller hoses, it also has a bunch of supply line, and I believe two handline hookups, used by the mountain patrol. http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_los_angeles_retired_tanker_97_(2)-1.jpg This on the other hand has 2500 gallons of water on it, with a little more supply line but the same amount of handlines able to get pulled off of it, 2-3 connectors, way higher capacity pump and tank, this was used by a station that was closer to the brush, but not a fully fledged mountain patrol truck. http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_los_angeles_retired_tanker_39_(2)-1.jpg
  8. Hey guys. Question, is there any mod out there that is like based in a very old timeline, like 1800s-1950s type of old (part from the project nostalgia and hill street blues which are both 70s-90s) that is public? It's been done before with other Emergency games like 2014 and 2017 with different missions, for instance, there is a 1890s and 1500s mission for 2017 and 2014 Very old units and missions have been done in those two games, so why not make an old style mod for EM4/911:FR? I would imagine it would take a long time to model and script. Just a couple of ideas: - 1890s mod with horse pulled fire/ambulance carts, hand drawn pump carts, maybe some paddy wagons as well, (of course police will have to ride with a paddy wagon or a very old steam powered car since there's no foot patrol command) - LA 1940s mod, something like LA Noire with the fire and police units of the 40s (for example, tank wagons, truck companies, engines, chemical wagons, police station wagons, sedans, vans, etc.) Really any very old style mods would be interesting to see and revolutionary in the EM4 modding community
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