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  1. Hey guys. Question, is there any mod out there that is like based in a very old timeline, like 1800s-1950s type of old (part from the project nostalgia and hill street blues which are both 70s-90s) that is public? It's been done before with other Emergency games like 2014 and 2017 with different missions, for instance, there is a 1890s and 1500s mission for 2017 and 2014 Very old units and missions have been done in those two games, so why not make an old style mod for EM4/911:FR? I would imagine it would take a long time to model and script. Just a couple of ideas: - 1890s mod with horse pulled fire/ambulance carts, hand drawn pump carts, maybe some paddy wagons as well, (of course police will have to ride with a paddy wagon or a very old steam powered car since there's no foot patrol command) - LA 1940s mod, something like LA Noire with the fire and police units of the 40s (for example, tank wagons, truck companies, engines, chemical wagons, police station wagons, sedans, vans, etc.) Really any very old style mods would be interesting to see and revolutionary in the EM4 modding community
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