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  1. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Yes you have to go into the editor and remove or place the physicals on the model, so don't block map paths. For the lights delete all except for one of them and place polygon's to light the building easy fix for the team.
  2. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

  3. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    Great map graphics but to robotish looking for game play. It would be nice if EM4 could use the those maps. Also if Sixteen stones could create new maps of various locations and vehicles for members to buy on there web site for EM4 and Em5.
  4. Modding suggestions

    Would that be a problem maybe just in the script as a stretcher person picks up the victim and paramedic administers medical attention?
  5. New Pierce Arrow!

    Yep! looks good nice work.
  6. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

  7. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Yes hit deploy to call out the police units so it will not Crash CTD:)
  8. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Nice work on the map the school is a nice touch to see thanks for the update it's getting there.
  9. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    Itchboy nice work on the lightbars and models.
  10. Jackson County Fire [LINK]

    Yeah thanks for the update man but what good dose it do for members on this site nothing. Now you have to join Discord if want and update.
  11. Amity Island Modification

    Looks good also look into Dyson's smoke script it might give it a better effect for fires.
  12. Amity Island Modification

    Where going to need a bigger boat lol! Wow looking good I just have to get use of seeing blue fire trucks lol!.
  13. London Mod (V1.3 RELEASED)

    Is this hipping to all the games if so might be the video card try re-posting under technical related support also C-Net be able to help good luck.
  14. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    I hear you man! but personal life just gets in the way of progress and this one is on the back burner, so like so many other mods it might not get there or will. Someday you might see it in the download section, for now just go about your life enjoy because I am afraid we might not have much time left two minutes until DOOMSDAY clock..............God Bless all. Oh! and thanks your support.
  15. Problem with the Wegberg Mod

    Yeah it takes a while but it is a great mod work. it needs to be faster speeds for the vehicles and more Police units. I see it is a mission based but still takes to long, kind of like rear life scenario lol! I think they might be working on a free play map event for the next one:)