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Welcome to the West Lampeter mod. This mod is based on the actual area of West Lampeter PA. Some of the Agencies in the area are Willow Street Fire and Lampeter Fire Company. This mod does have a custom map. We do have a team of testers already so please DO NOT ASK. This mod is by me and Fire Rescue 50. 

Credits:Models and Scripts- HOPPAH, THVFD,The Loot, Dyson, MickeyPI, Bama1234, GoKa, a-rescue, GrisuStefan, Ghost Graphic 
Designs, Boston Mod Guys, Socom552


Our Discord: https://discord.gg/yXmsRAu


V2.0: https://mega.nz/#!mIAUlSBD!N3PQz_JU6LMi45fhd2WNlFG55AlcnfdCPs-mQGVVxnc
Multiplayer supported in 2.0 only.



Em4 2018-07-07 22-10-22-137.png

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Checked out the beta looks good a lot of hard work went into that map nice work on that guy's.  The re-skins and models lights, well lets just say they will come along in the future I am sure.  Over all the game play is smooth few traffic jams by the Hospital intersection but I fix that one just a simple path adjustment so far it works well. A few bugs but par for the course in time it will work it self out.  For now I am just playing the mod to see how it functions but over all I have enjoyed it glad to see EM4 is still kicking with Mods.   Thanks team keep up the good work.   

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Thank you very much for publishing your modification. I played it a couple of hours and it’s pure fun.

It is clearly visible where this mod has its roots. There are plenty of inputs from Mayberry, Los Angeles, Montana etc., but you managed to create a completely different feeling for your modification. The map still feels a bit rough in a few areas but all in all I love it. As an European that’s exactly my imagination of a small township in the USA. The grid arrangement of the streets, the above ground power lines, those little stores at the main road. The whole map just fits perfectly. And I guess your work isn’t over anyway. You also managed to recreate the real area well.

Another point is the variety of units, it’s marvellous. My favourite units are the Pierce PUC and the Towerladder from (I guess) Fire Hall 57.

 Some minor bugs I came across:

-Script error while trying to use the helicopter for patient transport
-Something is wrong with the arrest script. When a person is held at gunpoint they first surrender but after that they still fight with the deputy
-Strange behaviour of the patrol script. You can’t dispatch police cars that are on patrol. They always try to return to their patrol route. I reset this behaviour by letting the deputy exit the car.

Things I would like to see getting changed:

-I absolutely hate that there are no firefighters in normal bunker gear. That was one thing I didn’t like in Mayberry as well.
-A one-person stretcher script

Great job guys!

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