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Mack CF

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On 8/3/2017 at 4:07 AM, rachammer said:

Hello my first topic here so be gentle...does anyone work on or have relleased a long Mack CF cab? i tried to make one myself but i'm thinking there might be one out there already better then this one (this one i made for personal use)

The other Mack out there has an open back cab. This one is the only one with the closed back cab. I know quite a few who would love to have been able to use this model, one being myself (for my FDNY Queens Borough Modification I have done slow work on). That's an awesome model! Keep up the good work.

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the front is from the open back version out there but i remade it from behind the front cab doors and back to make it into a full lenght version just like the FDNY mack's. Since i don't know where to draw the line on the license since i used the front from the one out there i won't release it publicly but...if someone wants the semi finished one to keep working on for a specific mod and them self find take care of the license matter ...i guess i might be able to do that... i choosed to use the front from the open cab since i wanted to be able to use this one next to the open one and they look the same no diffrence in sizes or what not....

Also if someone has a better clue on this license of model issue please feel free to inform me on how to best handle this too not step on anyones toes...Or if you know who made the open back version and how to get ahold of him/her to seek permision....and hopefully be able to give this model to everyone....

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19 hours ago, rachammer said:

A 70's FDNY version 


On 8/8/2017 at 5:28 PM, rachammer said:

one with longer front bumper and FDNY 80/90's Paint. Also bear in mind the body is just a loan from another model out there.....

That's really cool what you did with the bumper! The mack we are looking to use in the queens mod is going to be used as foam unit 294. Awesome work!

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Okay here is where i'm at: i have contacted RD saarland and waiting for a reply atm. As i mentioned the front half of the cab is from the open back cab made by RD saarland. The back part i have modified to make it into the 6 seat new york cab. The back body parts havn't been altered in anyway by me and i have just put on to show what it can look like...i didn't intend from the start to release this but since some ppl like the changes iv'e made i'm gonna try and make it happen... My aim is to release a pack with the open back version and the closed cab version with RD Saarlands permission ofcourse. I don't wanna break any rules or step on any toes so if i can't get the okay it will not be released / rachammer 

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Got a answear back from RD saarland and it will be released as a pack with booth with the long cab fire engine and the open cab version... gonna do some finishing touches on it before i release it. Gonna be released with fdny paint on booth the open and full cab one... and three or four diffrent paint Jobs along in a separate map FDNY 70's red, FDNY 80's red/white and modern red white Striped and red white stripe FOAM. 

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Starting to reach the finish line of the first version. Gonna send a copy over to RD saarland before releasing it and ofcourse credits go to him for the basemodell.

It contains: 

Mack CF open Cab: Booth as original engine and as single cab.
Mack CF 6 man Full Cab: As Engine with short front bumper. And as single cab booth with long and short bumpers.
Mack CF Chilrden: Front flasher (single), long lightbar and short lightbar (FDNY engine style). And side axes for the cab. And tires.
Paintjobs included: FDNY 70's , FDNY 80's and late FDNY 90's/ FOAM 

mack 1.png

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