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Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

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So there are going to be new units or skins? I tought there would be just performance maintenance:)

The following is going to be done for Montana

A. New Units (New Models with New Skins)

B. Performance Maintenance, to enhance the gameplay of the Mod, so there is less lag.

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If I could suggest, I think that the police car that has rotatries has alot of reflection and I think that you should delete some reflections to also have less lag because it lags for me when I turn the lights on



That is something Itchboy has considered to fix also since, people have complained about the Rotators causing lag. There will be fixes made for the Enhancement of the mod i said in my previous post on here.

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where is the new link for download montana mods?

i realy want that mods :rolleyes:


People please! Read the posts before you post on the forum! The link was taken down due to the unstable release and Bama being really busy with life at the moment. He said the link will be put back up when 2.0.2 come out. 

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