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  1. No I don't think so. It's been a while so I might be wrong, but my recollection of the installer was that it just unpacked the mod files. The zip file is the mod files already unpacked. Should just be a drag-n-drop op!
  2. I don't think anyone has modeled the Sarco 0707 SWL- S Series (the surface mount lights) that I am aware of in my circles. I have a Freedom model for GTA San Andreas, but it's not a Freedom IV and would need a significant poly reduction to be used in EM4 modding. I'm not sure if anyone here has a model floating around they could share.
  3. You shouldn't need to drag it into the installer. I just downloaded the file. The main folder in the zip should go directly to the \Mods directory. Hopefully this helps!
  4. I didn't check this mod but I am guessing it is a simple drag-n-drop. Find your game installation directory (WizardWorks\911 - First Responders\Mods), make a new folder for the mod (can name it West Lampeter Mod), and drop all the files into there and give that a whirl.
  5. The colored lenses on the Liberty look great. I would suggest however to swap the alley lights from halogen to LED. Otherwise it looks pretty great!
  6. Mod theft has been around for years and years and years. Awful of them to start selling the models though. Appreciate the update and it will surely still be interesting and fun to watch MT Mod be developed
  7. Agree, simple and free. Although after a while your station costs increase with each new station, so I've kind of stalled out on it since that happened. There's some sort of game on Steam called 911 Operator or something similar, and some people said they have enjoyed it while others have said it's nothing like being a real dispatcher. I would assume all of these kind of games would be hit or miss depending on what you are looking for in it.
  8. not sure if anything i have would be helpful to you or not so take a look: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYtAU9XWNA5c81deqbv-hTDGxbWApXqHB i also have a Code 3 X 2100, Ecco 5280A, Fed Sig single Vipers, a (Whelen) B-Link Patriot, and also the B-Link programming software should it benefit you. i just don't have a lot of free time right now :(
  9. Our sheriff's office is usually tripped out to it if it is in or near the roadway and dispatch tries to get a hold of the owner to come get it. If they can figure out that the cows escaped from a nearby pasture then sometimes its just faster for the deputies to guide them back into the pasture. Then again, we rarely have state resources in our county except for the state park ranger, and we don't have federal officers whatsoever. I think having the option for the deputies to hold/"corral" the cows would be nice too.
  10. It's Big Sky country:) For the sake of diversity I'd say to go ahead with the 2011-2014 state Charger, always appreciate a bit of variety myself
  11. Smaller counties in Iowa usually use the county number and badge number. County numbers are assigned alphabetically. The sheriff of the county is typically badge #1. Cities that are dispatched by the county may or may not use the county number, but usually still use their badge number unless it's a larger city (Polk County cities, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, etc.) For example, one of the towns near me in Boone County has badge number 500-50x, so they would be sent as 8-500, 8-501, 8-502, etc. Des Moines, our largest agency, does it this way (courtesy of the Des Moines Scanner Squad Facebook): ***Watches and car/officer numbers-- First number is watch: 100 series = 1st watch (9 pm - 7 am) 200 series = 2nd watch (6 am - 4 pm) 300 series = 3rd watch (2 pm - 11 pm) 2nd number is assigned side of town: 0 & 1 = west side (ex.: 210, 106) 2 = east side (ex.: 321, 123) 3 = south side (ex.: 234, 331) 4 = downtown (ex.: 142, 246) The north side is covered by either west side or east side, depending on what side of the river it’s on. They don’t have their own middle number. 3rd number is beat. 123 is 1st watch, east side, beat 3, and so on. Wagon is 61, so 161, 261, and 361 depending on watch. CSI/Ident are 99 and 99 Adam. 500 = watch captain 510 = watch lieutenant 501 = west side sergeant 502 = east side sergeant 503 = south side sergeant 504 = downtown sergeant 400 series are traffic 600 series are neighborhood and school officers 700 series are the detective bureau Adam is used if there is more than one car on duty on the same beat at the same time. Baker, Charlie, and David are the supervisory (Sgt, Lt, or Capt) cars for each shift. Baker is first watch, Charlie, is second watch, and David is third watch. -- If you're talking specifically about unit numbers on their cars, I'm not sure how any of the cities do that. Some have numbers, some don't. The county sheriff's offices that have take-home cars (most if not all), the license plate is usually their badge number. State agencies also generally use badge numbers for their cars (I'm not sure what DNR does with their conservation officer's trucks).
  12. first one is a Dodge Intrepid, you're right on the others
  13. Best bet would be zmodeler, my guess is that whatever is the latest release of v2 would work best with importing/exporting. unfortunately as far as I'm aware there aren't any import/export scripts for 3ds max specific to em4
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