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  1. Honda Civic from FM4 converted to sedan 7 more cars to go...
  2. Version 1.3


    Dodge Car Pack. Its finally out. Enjoy! Models have interiors, doors and have been pre-configured for ease of installation. Contains the following vehicles: Dodge Charger 2013 Dodge Durango SSV Dodge Ram SSV Dodge Ram 5500
  3. Yes it is...all it needs now is mirrors, wheels and textures.
  4. Today's work has produced: ...Almost a car P.S.- Its scratch made
  5. In the maps folder you will find .dds files. These are the minimap files (top right corner in game) Their names corresponds to the map that it is for. So if you want to edit the freeplay minimap, choose freeplay.dds. You can open .dds files with either Photoshop, Paint.Net or GIMP
  6. Nice...scratch made? Would make a great addition to this mod. The F550 also. Well...the Ram 5500 is done. Ready for your ambulance needs (or whatever is it the modders need) And so is the F550.. Where can I get better truck wheels?
  7. The Ram I'm doing appears to be a later generation. The front is way different. But, right now, I've ripped the head of the Ram 3500 and am turning it into a 5500. Hopefully, I can convert it into this: https://c1.staticflickr.com/7/6188/6061427854_61d58df92f_z.jpg
  8. Im not really familiar with American trucks. They all look the same to me. They just get bigger as the number gets higher...F550, 5500, 2500...etc. Google tells me that the 2014 F350 looks like that. I guess its wrong?
  9. Today's work has produced: A Kia.... ....and a new Ford F350
  10. Sorry for the late reply...This is correct. If you don't assign a Vehicle Type to the car, it does not spawn. This is because the game uses a defined set of Spawn Points which are assigned to a certain vehicle type. So for example, Police STW spawns at a certain place, while Ambulance RTW spawns in another. The car you created does not spawn because the Vehicle Type is set to NoSquadCar by default and therefore the game does not know where to spawn it because it is not set as a playable unit that you own.
  11. That is very beautiful. I hope that the effort I put into it helps make the mod better
  12. Coming from a country that doesnt really have big American sized pick up trucks, your post gives insight into the differences of trucks there. The most common thing you'd see over here used by emergency services would be this:
  13. I think I should include a civillian F550 in the mod. Might make it easier for other modders to make ambulances. I have a question though...what is the difference between say an F350 and an F550?
  14. It would be cool if someone also gave out free to use lightbars and parts. It would be like a starter kit for mod developers. This civil car pack is also intended as that. It provides developers with a set of cars which can be used as traffic or ingame units.
  15. Oh...Dyson...did you also change the Explorer? Anyway, here is the 2006 Charger next to the other three cars. Charger from LA Mod And here's the 3 latest police cars side by side Charger by bama1234
  16. goog...Are you going to change the scale of the Explorer in your mod or is it okay for your purposes?
  17. Will PM you when its done. Anyway, I've already sent the Explorer to many other modding teams....I worry that this might bother them a bit, especially those that have already put lights on the model.
  18. So that's why the Explorer always seemed a bit too fat on the side. Im going to have to take down the download and put it back up again... Your a moderator right? Can you put the files up (including the Caprice) as soon as possible so that there is no inconvinience to modders who want to dowload the models? But, I just realized that the model has been downloaded by many people already and some major mods such as RCMP and Manhattan Mod use the model. I think it would be inconvinient for everybody if they had to change their lights and doors again.
  19. Well....this is a bit of an issue for me since I'm the first person here to do the new Taurus, Explorer and Caprice. Does this seem correct to you or should I pull out the files and modify them? At the moment, I am focusing on completely replacing the 32 civil cars. Trucks and busses would come at a later time. All this work is becoming quite a challenge doing it on my own. This is compounded by the fact that I have personally never seen most of these vehicles IRL, so I dont have a good idea of how they look apart from Google.
  20. Wow...this is EXACTLY what me and Dyson were talking about. This would make a very good addition to the American Civil Cars Pack. Thank you very much.
  21. How does one determine distance in the game? How does one tell that a CVPI is the one and true scale for the game? Does the game have some kind of measurement of distance? Perhaps the editor grid..
  22. Ive already made an HD texture for the LA Mod Charger. I think it would need to be scaled up to complete the 2006 Charger. As for the 2014 one, I don't think it would be possible to recreate it because its shape is different from the 2006 model. Someone would have to get the Charger from the Montana Mod. Also, I plan on releasing separately a few cars with complete interiors to be used as bases for emergency vehicles. So far, I've done the Ford Expedition - the Explorer's bigger; more expensive, nicer looking big brother because I was already working on reducing its polygons.
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