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About Me

Hey yall! Its me! My real world name is Erica Smith, but Ive been known as helljumper51 for decades lol. If you've been here for a long time, you might remember me from wayy back doing 3d models and being pretty active on the forum. I was in several gamign groups, worked with hoppah, stan, mike, and many others on projects and submods, I knew dyson before he did Emergenyc lol; I feel like thats a weird flex, and idk! Ive been gone awhile!

Oh and yes, I still have a wyoming county submod and harbor county fire department mod page on facebook. Sorry bout that lol.

I was I think 16 when I joined the forums here?? These forums and this community literally kickstarted my interest into 3d modeling and computer science! I self taught photoshop, 3ds max, and spent many late night in university studying engineering working on mods instead of doing homework! I did not finish that degree however lol. 


After awhile I got busy. I left for Military Service. I served 10 years in the US Army both on Active and Reserve. I was a combat medic and a dual MOS as a cav scout. I recently medically retired a year or two ago from injuries sustained during service. Since joining here I:

-Spent 15 years in fire and EMS both volunteer and paid

-Served 10 years US Army and retired as a SGT with 100% disability

-Earned 2 bachelors degree, 4 minors, a graduate degree, and working on a 3rd degree and entering med school! Degrees are in Physician Studies, Philosophy of Medical Ethics and minors in medical history, astronomy, astrophysics, biology, and chemistry. My grad program was clinical mental health counseling, and I currently study immunology.

-I taught EMS and Fire science at 2 different colleges, still do currently, and I have a consulting business where I create training programs and conduct training for organizations in emergency response, tactical medicine, and tactical combat care. I also design cusotm medical supply bags and loadouts for people.

-I earned over 30 military commendations including 3 Army Commendations and 6 Army Achievement medals, including one for running a remote medical clinic for over 1200 soldiers without a medical doctor on staff

-I contract with remote medical clinics to provide emergency care in rural areas, mostly during summers

-I got married...then divorced...now have a puppy!

-Spent wayyyy too many hours gaming and building gaming PCs and running DND compaigns. I even created a spin off Roleplay system for emergency responders

-Went on several podcasts, speaking engagements, and interviews on bioethics and medical ethics surrounding LGBTQ issues and offering a scientific understanding of advocacy for LGBTQIA++ Individuals

-and aot more!


Mostly, Im glad to be back! Hopefully I doing get yanked away again like I seem to do lately! Its so wonderful to meet the new generation of EM Planet comm307695654_10159264796683651_2582370151625381111_n.thumb.jpg.ba1d1a76c58fc5ceb8d5ef3acd2c02cf.jpgunity members!










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