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  1. 2016+ Dodge Chargers

    From the album Emergency 4

    On scene of an officer down call.
  2. I think its your screen recorder that's causing the audio to peak.
  3. Los Angeles Mod bugs, issues and problems

    LA 3.1.5 is an unofficial update to this mod that was not made by Hoppah or the LA mod team. Questions relating to that mod do not belong in this thread.
  4. Modellers needed! Can you help?

    To echo everyone's sentiments: We cant help you until you tell us what you have and what you need help with.
  5. Say hello to one of the volunteer firefighter POV's. Model by MikeyPI. Edited into GMC by me. This older Crown Vic will either be a POV or the slicktop/unmarked police car. Not sure what role it should have. Model by me. This truck will either be another POV, or the Swift Water trailer truck. Not sure on what I wanna do with this. This model will make a comeback as a Chevy Silverado which will be the Dillon VFD chief car. Model by MikeyPI, pickup truck conversion by me.
  6. CFD posted a stream the other day of himself working on the mod, so its pretty obvious that the mod is in progress. Just be patient and let the authors do their thing.
  7. I have documented the steps I am doing while making a few models. The following will be required reading (and you will need to understand it) before you advance to the next steps. Tutorial will be gradually expanded as I am able to document and type more things. I will only be answering some questions and only provide generalized answers. My lack of time prevents a dedicated help line. Templating TutorialGo to user mode and go into full screen Select find in views to get a good zoom of your model and to center it to the screen (optional) Capture each of the sides of the model. You need the Left, Right, Front, Rear and top. Tip: Hold shift when rotating the camera to get a more sensetive view. Hit print screen and save image into texture. Add additional parts like headlights/tailights, bumpers and license plates if necessary. Save texture. Assign texture to material, assign material to model (explained in Hoppah's tutorial) UV Mapping TutorialYou need a template (I will make a Templating tutorial soon) Select the polygons you wish to remove Detach them from the main object Go to vertices mode and select all of its vertices Go to the desired view (example uses left view because the part is the left surface of the object) Generate a new UV map Align object to template in UV mapper Try to get it as close as possible
  8. Both actually. It can be configured to be the 70, the 80 or the 106, which is the vehicle I am going for.
  9. USSR Mod [WIP]

    Please don't bump dead topics in the future, thank you. Ill consider this mod inactive and lock this thread until I get a notification from the author.
  10. In order to keep this thread on topic, here's a WIP of the Beaverhead Fire Engine. Its obviously not finished, but its getting there.
  11. The mod is still active, don't worry. I've just been dealing with real life stuff and the distractions caused by other mods...
  12. You can use Blender to UV map but it has a completely different set of steps that I do not know.
  13. Creating Fire/police stations

    The "fs_" lines are the virtual object names found in the editor. They also refer to prototype names and object names. The const char lines are what you use when editing the script in notepad.
  14. Creating Fire/police stations

    The blue boxes you see in the editor are virtual objects. Pressing the F5 key will open up the menu that allows you to edit them. You can make three units in one station by moving, reassigning or creating new virtual objects to accomodate three vehicles. The next step is to edit the script so it makes use of those virtual objects and spawns the vehicles you specified in each virtual object.
  15. Creating Fire/police stations

    Use the LA mod script as a stepping point. The LAfireStationStart script contains the code which spawns vehicles at start, while LAtoFireStation is for parking the vehicles at the station.
  16. ModInstaller problem

    Do the steps described here, but be sure to change "Emergency 4" to "Emergency 4 Deluxe". Make sure the "InstallDir" points to your Em4 folder.
  17. No description pop-ups

    Go into options and set "tooltips" as on.
  18. missing textures

    Can you send a dxdiag and your Em4 logfile?
  19. Blender V3O Import/Export Scripts

    All materials in the model must have a texture and the UV maps must be named correctly. Blender's export can also fail if you havent selected the model, or if the model has incorrect data for some reason.
  20. Upload a logfile from Em4 as well. The dxdiag doesnt tell us exactly what happened with the mod.
  21. Mod in Mods folder but not working

    Reinstall the LA mod. If it still doesnt work, try this: DL another mod, such as London or Harbor City. If those appear, then it means that the problem is with your installation of LA mod and not your Em4 copy.
  22. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    If you have plans to create your own submod from CPH: Feel free to create a new topic with the relevant information so that you're not hijacking BMA's topic.
  23. ATF NRU Template

    You need to unlock the .dds file using the Em4 editor, or Chris07's file unpacker.
  24. Freeplay money glitch.

    There's a setting in the freeplay xml files to adjust the "inflation" value for each unit. <SquadPriceGrowth value="30.0"/> Setting this value to zero should make the unit cost the same no matter how many of them exist on map. @em4vs66 In the future, please dont bump dead topics. For now, I'll allow this one because a solution was never posted for the original problem.
  25. THW Bag (engineer suitcase)

    Its hardcoded to spawn the case sadly. You can try to remove the auto target script from the engineer so that they dont automatically repair damaged vehicles.