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  1. There isn't much to beat, as modding is no competition. However, this new mod has more advanced functionalities and more time is put into the map compared to the latest version of the LA I made.
  2. The map can't be compared to the maps provided by those mods at all, as we choose to build ours from a different idea, i.e. a more compact map with influences from New York City. In our opinion, providing a good New York City feeling doesn't really require a copy of the real part of the city on the same scale. For example the bridge is obviously influenced by the real Queensboro Bridge, but it's much much smaller. By going our own way, we have the opportunity to implement our own ideas and make them more suitable for Emergency 4. In regards to gameplay, technically the mod will be completely different using a mission scripted progressive based freeplay style, comparable to the US Army Mod, yet more advanced.
  3. We proudly present the revamped New York City Modification v2.0! Currently still in heavy development, we have been working on a new version of this mod. The mod will contain many new features, such as a progressive style of gameplay, unique missionscripted events, interface changes, new functionalities and -of course- a new map. In this first report we'll show you pictures of the new map we're working on. The new mod is fixed in a post-9/11 era to about 2008. We didn't want to focus on updating vehicles constantly, instead we're focussing on improving gameplay elements, trying to keep the game challenging and fun. We'll release more information regarding gameplay changes later. The new map is fictional and won't be a copy of a real part of New York City. Instead we choose to make a more compact map with many (downsized) landmarks and influences from New York City and the North-Eastern American environment. This way, the map will provide a lot of variation with many things to get into. Pictures say more than words, so have fun watching the editor screenshots below: New screenshots 04/13/2015: In regards to current mod status: the core gameplay elements are done, but the new map isn't even halfway done and still requires a lot of work. Don't expect a release anytime soon.
  4. I don't see why you should use tapertalk. Any regular phone browser works fine for EMP. Anyway, I'd delete the cookies, history n cache from the phone and do a reboot. That may work.
  5. Well it depends on the situation obviously, but I hope to god it won't become SOP. Officers may be equipped, but they aint trained like HRT to deal with active shooters, especially when it comes to tactics (the T in SWAT). Imagine an active shooter in a big school or mall with plenty of exits and the first 5 cops armed with AR15's running inside within the first 15 minutes or so, trying to be all heroic. It's asking for a bloodbath. Especially if the situation is not anything like a suicidal lonewolf, which at that point isn't even known yet. You HAVE to have intel before you go in. Schools and malls are great for ambushes. A school shooting cannot be handled the same way as firemen running into a burning building like on tv. There is definately a need to setup a perimeter.
  6. Not really, unless its self-defense obviously. Responding police have to contain the situation by setting up a perimeter. Specialized police units like swat or hrt will actively engage the shooter(s).
  7. If one wants to do harm he can and will. Security won't help imo, and barely as a deterrent. They merely create a false sense of security. A determined and prepared shooter will take out the poorly trained guard(s) first and continue to spread maham. Responding police officers usually have to abide by the protocol to contain the situation (a perimeter) rather then intervene immediatly. Only specialized police units will intervene by engaging the shooter and that unfortunately takes a while. Enjoy the remaining time in school living in constant -and well maintained- fear. If ya'll want to enjoy the perks of the (imo immensively outdated) 2nd Amendment you gotta live with the consequences too. Freedom comes with a price and shootings will continue to happen, it is what it is.
  8. Don't forget the screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers if you're getting a desktop.
  9. Hoppah

    La mod

    That says more about you than ChrisRuiz. The LA Mod got alot of non-Europian players interested in EM4 in the first place, including many of the current modders who are still building mods for EM4. Back then, there were NO alternative mods besides a shitload of German mods and a couple of very basic other Europian mods. EM4 (and EM5 too unfortunately) are very much aimed at the German market while there is a lot of interest in decent Americans mod for EM4. The LA mod provided a stable base for further development, including those of other mods. I still got a good and trustworthy reputation going on here apparently, so I don't think it's odd what he's saying if you try to look for the reason behind his post. Unfortunately, I haven't got much time to even try EM5 out and check whats all in there and what modding capabilities it has. So far, not much yet apparently...
  10. Yes, the Xeon has a conscious so its aware when its NOT placed in a business environment and will automatically start failing when you try to boot a game on it. Something designed for the business market doesn't mean it's less useful for the consumers market. Same thing with certain types of cars basically. I have the same computer as Stan just without Win 8.1 and I can run any game just as fine.
  11. Hoppah

    La mod

    I have a new computer. My old one died a month ago. But with all the performance issues I wont be getting EM5 any soon anyway. Graphics are pretty, but the gameplay doesn't appeal to me yet. Feels like a been there done that job to me. In regards to modding, I unfortunately have a fulltime job now and I don't feel like to do another overhaul mod from scratch anymore. It's too time-consuming. I have way less spare time than I had until like a year ago. So that means no more working full days on mods for me, which are kinda vital imo if you want to move that huge pile of work for a totally brand new mod. I'll be monitoring EM5 and the forums though and see what it brings (modding-wise). Perhaps I'll get interested later.
  12. With a list that long, it's very likely you're going to disappointed. Game looks nice, but I've seen nearly 0 new content compared to EM4 besides a couple of small things. If you want to support American mods, you've got a lot of work to do.
  13. Or a vast disappointment, depending on the the way you want to see that.
  14. Aint simple Try float NA = ((float)Math::rand()/(float)Math::RANDMAX)*1000;Not sure if it works, scripts always act weird. Try adding the following below that to see what value it spits out (in the logfile): System::Log("NA: %d", (int)NA);Good luck!
  15. My guess is the exporter rounds off the exported uvmap values for a v3o. While in zmod you can do the uvmap very precisely, the exported v3o doesnt do decimals. Therefore the exported files have rounded off uvmap values. They usually not noticable, but that may explain the slight distortation in v3o files
  16. Not for this moment no. EM4 came with a ModInstaller which works just as fine. Perhaps even faster because you only have to double click the e4mod file.
  17. My guess you lost the alpha channels and that messed things up.
  18. Shit, I wanted to name my clan Every Other Cuntface, but I guess I can't. The abbreviation is already used. *sad
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