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  1. Hey finn, the download for Boston mod dossent work, Is it taken down for a reason..? Because i found a map update on the last page.

  2. Hello fellow emergency planet users!... I need some help, when i download mods like Helping peter 1.0 and Welfordshire Modification from the downloads in emergency planet and opens it with winrar the file gets corrupted or something, like this: http://prntscr.com/9ivfho I dont really have any idea of how i'm gonna fix it. Any suggestions? -Miniboy349.
  3. I've gotten EM2016, almost the same as EM5, do any of you think that EM5 mods works with EM2016..?
  4. Alright, it was a really nice one and i hope you get to release/fix it. But i guess thats your choise.
  5. Wait, was there any download for the New fire tanker? just asking.
  6. Thanks man, i understand Cheers!! Im really thankfull for that you gave took your time to write all that. ^^
  7. Thats wierd. you would have to ask someone thats bether on EM4 than me Sorry
  8. 1: You take a fire man make him pick up a hose, then connect the hose to a fire hydrant and connect the hose from the fire hydrant to the fire engine. if your in montana mod you gotta open the hydrant first. 2: There is a cheat that makes you win a mission, Cheats are here: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.html/_/emergency-series/emergency-4/emergency-4-cheats-r12 3: i dont really know what the utility truck is used to, it probeboaly has many equipmeant.
  9. so, if you do make them get the weapon from the vehicle it would brea the pistol?
  10. Im gonna buy it soon like at the end of this week!
  11. i did not find out where you posted bugs please give me a link and where it is known bugs :/
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