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  1. Dear community, A few weeks ago now my girlfriend and I broke up. Since that time I've been quiet down and did not have any energy left to work on the modification mostly because of the amount of stress. I now decided to fully focus on my study and looking for the support of my friends in this hard time. Today I announce the cancellation of the Dutch Modification. I will stop working on it permenantly as of now. It also means I won't fix the problems which are present in the current revision of the modification. Thanks to all of you who supported me for such a long time. I'm sorry to let a
  2. Dear fellow community members and EM5 players, This is a short message from me stating that I’m aware of the problems regarding the Dutch Modification. I haven’t been on the forums for a long time for which I apologize but the simple reason is because of the time my study takes. I didn’t have any time at all to continue the modification in the past weeks and I’m just as sad about that fact as you all are. Next week I’ve got some free time and I will make sure to check what’s causing the conflict between the mod and the main game. It should be pretty easy to resolve and I’ll do what I can to
  3. Nice video! I added it as a showcase video Message to everyone: My study takes up quite some time so it could take a while before there is a new update or new information. I'm getting a lot of messages of people asking how to modificate the game. I do not have any free time to give an in-depth tutorial. Every bit of free time I have is used for my personal appointments and my own modification so I won't be able to assist.
  4. The bug became a part of this mod after update 1.4.1 of the core game. It probably corrupted the data. I'll resolve the problem soon P.S. heavy duty crane has the same issues sometimes
  5. Very nice I love to see them so keep them coming I'll add it as a showcase video in the original post ;-)
  6. I've been interested in 3d modelin for quiet some time, always tried something but quit pretty fast. This time I really went for it and of course a lot of video tutorials help. Never really got around making with zmodeler. 3ds Max is harder at first but with right tools I think it's easier to master than zmodeler
  7. Yes it is, I did use some other downloaded 3d models as reference though but this endresult is made from scratch by myself I tried some other models first but this one came out as the best result. The interior is also done but I still need to model the inside polygons (inside of doors, trunk etc.)
  8. Awesome to see your support for the modification There is much more to come of course, stay tuned for further updates, latest news I've got is the Signal Torch coming to the Dutch Mod as seen in the screenshot in the first post of this topic
  9. Hey Robert, Thank you for the kins words as always, glad you like the update! With the screenshots of the Dodge Charger I finally showed people it is actually possible to modificate the game big time and I hope others can see the potential of the game now. Cheers, Bram.
  10. Thanks Arariel, Real glad you like it I will probably add the car to the Dutch Modification just because it's only one vehicle. When I've got more vehicles done they will be detached from the Dutch Mod and I will upload it as a separate modification than. It will be a standalone car so I won't replace any of the other vehicles. It's an entirely new model, texture and unit. In short, you will have an exra unit to play with Thank you!
  11. Thank you very much! I appreciate your kind words. I'll definitley keep your offer in mind Thank you William, glad to be back. I'll try and get it released as soon as possible. Would be awesome to see what you can accomplish with the lighting
  12. Thank you very much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Great find on the Virusscan, I'll make sure to add it in the ReadMe file for the next update, I think it adds some real value so thank you! Of course you're allowed to use the modification for your videos, you're entirely free to do so and mentioning where the modification came from is not a necessity so that's all up to you because if people would download the modification they'll find out by theirselves whom it was created by. I won't ever use authors' right to remove videos from youtube (or any other site for that matter)
  13. Hey Arariel, Thanks for your enthusiasm! If you downloaded the modification you should now have a 'NL Modification v2.0.zip' file on your computer. Upon opening the file with WinRar or 7-zip you should see a ReadMe file and another .zip-file called dutch_modification. The 'dutch_modification.zip' should extracted to an easy reachable place on your computer because this is the file you'll have to drag and drop onto the modifications tab after you launched the game (just launch the game but don't click 'Start Game' yet) The ReadMe file goes much more into detail when in comes to the installat
  14. No problem, thank you very much for looking into it, I appreciate it
  15. A few months ago I announced the Las Vegas Modification. Most of you should know by now why it hasn't been released and that I continued working on the Dutch Modification. I've got some exciting news however! I continued working on one of the models and I'm finally ready to show some in-game screenshots of the new vehicle. It's not completely done yet but I made some very good progress and it's 100% playable already. I will release this vehicle sooner or later so stay tuned for that. I'm not sure if it will be released as a new modification or if it's going to be incorporated in the Dutch Modi
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