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  1. Itchboy, THANK YOU for you and the couple of others who are continuing to work on EM4 mods! Your continuing commitment (all of you working on mods) is great, and I personally would like to thank you all for keeping it alive!
  2. Like the van, very similar to what we had!
  3. Back when I was a member of my hometown VFD, we had what we called an Equipment Van. This vehicle was used to bring additional FF to the scene, and carried things like our Jaws, extra SCBA, cribbing, our cascade air refill system, extra spine boards and medical supplies for multi-vehicle / mass casualty incidents, and when we got them the airbags for lifting / stabilizing vehicles etc. Originally was like an old bread van or tool van converted to our use. But eventually we got a larger vehicle like an old Rescue rig. This unit would respond along with engine and ambulance for any MVA. It also gave you extra scene lighting. Does that help? If you limit your number of FF on the VFD engine, you can have a supplement vehicle like this for more FF.
  4. Probably at least one crash cart somewhere for a Code situation
  5. Way back when I started on my hometown Vol. FD, we had 2 tankers. I found some old pics, they aren't the best, but these were the tankers (tenders) we were using then. Tanker 2 - Military surplus unit? Another pic of Tanker 2 PARTIAL pic of Tanker 1 Better Pic of Tanker 1 if I remember, T2 was about 1500 gal, and T1 was about 2000 gal. Eventually we upgraded to a nice big tanker that if I remember was like 3500 gal. I can't find a photo of that, but is like a larger version of the 1800 gal. one that TACRfan posted
  6. Amity Island Modification

    Amazing work! Wish I had even 1/4 that talent!
  7. Cursor Trouble

    Are you running in Windowed or Full Screen mode? If in Windowed, it is possible another program is taking priority and when you click you are actually activating that program as the primary window, and that will minimize the game.
  8. .RAR files

    Might depend on what RAR program you are using. I had a similar issue, and had to update to the newest version of WinRAR to extract the files.
  9. Those are looking great itch! Beautiful work as always!
  10. Minimize to Desktop

    Is it set to FULL SCREEN or WINDOWED? If windowed, when you click seeing the 2 mouse icons, you are actually switching out of the game to the desktop.
  11. They may also respond if needed for specialty equipment. WAY back in the day, when I was first a volunteer fire fighter, my little department had a cascade air fill system, and several neighbor departments did not. So if they had a big call, we might be paged out to bring the cascade system to refill air packs. I'm sure some others can give examples of specialty equipment some departments have that others don't.
  12. 16:9 Monitor vs Em4

    I play on a 16:9 LCD, I used the EM4 Configurator to adjust the resolution and seems fine. At least that is what I think I did, was so long ago.
  13. severe lag with new drivers

    You could try some compatibility options in Windows. The thing to remember is that E4/911FR is an OLD game, and not optimized for today's updated software & drivers. I've seen this happen on other older games, eventually some to the point that they don't even recognize that there is a graphics card installed.
  14. resolution change

    Try this:
  15. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    I removed the S from https:// and the link came up