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  1. u.s border patrol mod

    It doesn't work that way. People won't just make a mod for you. If you are interested in a mod, it is recommended to try yourself. I have been playing with just doing a reskin of Hoppah's LA mod, and that will teach you a bit. Then you can follow some of the tutorials on here about adding/changing vehicles, changing scripts. Eventually, you might even get to the point of making your own models. It's not easy, trust me. But the end can be worth it.
  2. OK, so I'm sure lots of you have seen Dubai police cars such as: And maybe even their First Responder vehicles such as: But now their Fire Department has topped it all! A Jetski with a Water Jet Pack attachment! I couldn't even fathom trying to make a mod like this! It would probably look REALLY cool, but wow! Just a little levity for you all!
  3. Tips for more effective firefighting?

    Also look at where the fire is in relation to the stations. Many times on the LA Mod if the fire is in the lower left corner, away from the 2 stations, I'll call a "backup" engine out to get there faster instead of dispatching one from the station. The faster you get "the wet stuff on the red stuff" the smaller the fire will be. If you have a large fire starting near the water, call in the boat! it has a decent range, and puts out a good amount of water.
  4. Becoming an EMT

    Congrats! Best of luck!
  5. Boston Mod [RELEASED]

    I was just saying how cool that idea is. Just kidding around guys.
  6. Boston Mod [RELEASED]

    Someone PLEASE tell me we are going to see this added to one of the Boston Mods: The PERFECT patrol vehicle!
  7. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Is there going to be any kind of manual for how to use what vehicle, what carries what equipment, etc? I'm used to running the standard American fire department mods, and I'd like some reference if possible for when a call comes in I send the right equipment. Looks really nice otherwise!
  8. Becoming an EMT

    Great Job! Keep at it!
  9. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Looks amazing as always.
  10. re love this mod but

    By default, I believe the station setting to empty the cars/trucks is ON when you launch the mod. You can change that setting on the station control panel for both fire stations.
  11. PASS for Fire Fighters in game

    Cool, I'll check that one out.
  12. This is where I wish I was better for modeling & coding. I was playing Mayberry Mod yesterday, and had a car explode. It downed one of my firefighters, and I didn't see it right away since I was at another call on the other side of the map. Here's where I would love if someone thought this was a good idea and wanted to run with it. What if there was an add-on/code that if a firefighter was down (injured) that set off a PASS alarm? Would be a blinking light like many PASS have, and an audio alert centralized on the down fire fighter. I think this would be a neat add on for the game, but I have NO IDEA how to add this. If anyone wants to play with the idea, they are welcome to it. Thanks for looking!
  13. Graphics Card

    If your motherboard looks like this: Then it looks like you can use a PCI Express video card, however the expansion slot (larger black one) is at the bottom of the board, so that limits what cards will fit in the case. Also, your power supply will limit it without upgrading to a larger unit with more power. I'd suggest an NVIDIA GT720, GT730, or GT740 so hopefully you won't have to upgrade the power supply, and those are usually single slot solutions, so they should fit in your case.
  14. New Laptop

    In addition to what MikeyPI said, laptop/notebooks USUALLY do not allow you to upgrade your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit or Video Card) as your needs change. Desktops for the most part do. With notebooks you have to buy as big as you can afford to get it to last. CPUs can be upgraded to a point, but it is very limited due to the same heat/cooling limitations MikeyPI mentioned. Desktops, avoid the Slim / Small box if you want to be able to upgrade over the years. This gives you flexibility and can keep a computer running for years over the limits of a mobile platform. You'll hear lots of arguments on Intel vs AMD. I build these things for a living. Both have their plus / minus. AMD offers more multi core solutions, but start them at slower speeds so if your program doesn't take proper advantage of multi core (most basic programs don't) you are limited to the CPU overall speed. AMD offers better on-board graphics, but if you are using a separate video card, that doesn't matter then. AMD does run hotter than Intel in general, and consumes more power so your electric bill will be higher. If you are wondering if an AMD or Intel processor you are looking at is a good deal vs the other, head over to They aren't perfect, but they give you a single number score on almost all processors out there to compare them vs each other. A fast CPU, at least 8GB memory, and a semi-decent or higher video card will let you play most anything on the market today. The better you want it to look, usually means more expensive video cards. Good luck! EDIT: Look at WARRANTY. Where do you have to take it / send it if something goes wrong? How long do they cover it for? This plays HUGE in your down time and risk in out of pocket repairs. Short warranty (1 yr or less (yes some companies do less) I usually avoid. Yes you pay a little more for a better warranty, but you are covered for longer. Try to find a 3 year warranty. That covers you pretty well, and if something like your video card, motherboard fail that gets expensive fast. Also look at reviews, and I don't mean just what they publish on their site. See what other people have posted about that company's computers/support.
  15. Becoming an EMT

    Back when I took my test, the practical part I thought was harder than the rest. My test, they really threw a fun one at me, a guy that fell that was wedged in a corner sitting up against a wall, so we had to put him on the short board/KEDS to move him from the wall and then put him on the back board. Oh, and he was about 2x my size too. But my partner and I did it! Man that was a fun one. Remember your basic steps - "Is the scene safe" is a common one I heard that people screwed up and missed all the time. Remember your ABC's. Trust in your training. GOOD LUCK!