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Madrid Mod

Madrid Mod

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· Local Police:

- New image of the Volkswagen Passat Special Traffic Unit:



· Fire Department:

- New aspect of the FC-21:


Unit that transports the air mattresses for interventions with suicides .

- Real distribution of the units in their own Fire Stations:

1st Fire Station:


FM-11: van for personal transport.

CO-11: small engine for small fires and other incidents.

BO-11 and BO-12: fire engines.

ET-11: ladder (32 meters).

TM-11: water tank.

EM-11: unit for traffic accidents.

2nd Fire Station (real central Fire Station of Madrid):


M-1: most important chief.

J01 / J02: oficial of all Madrid city.

S-2: subofficial of the center.

FM-21: van for personal transport (6 passegers).

FG-21: van for personal transport (9 passengers).

CO-21: small engine.

BO-21 AND BO-22: fire engines.

TG-21 AND TG-22: big water tanks.

ET-21: ladder (32 meters).

FC-21: air mattresses van.

AP-21: apuntalament (decorative).

UT-21: unit for traffic accidents.

GT-21: big crane (30 Tn.).

DE-21: unit for inundations like hidrants.

BF-21: unit for forest or not urban fires.

EL-21: electrical unit.

SD-21 and SD-22: rescue and demolish units.

3rd Fire Station:


FM-31: van for personal transport.

BO-31 and BO-32: fire engines.

EV-31: ladder (26 meters).

TM-31: water tank.

Real units of other Fire Stations, who have an especial funcion, but their Fire Stations aren´t at the map:


EC-91: big ladder (55 meters).

S-9: suboficial of the hazmat unit and the north of the city.

FX-91: van of decontamination (hazmat).

PE-91: truck of hazmat material.

RH-81: vehicle of withdrawal of hydrocarbons.

SA-51: scuba unit.

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Thanks ;)

All the units are similar than real ones, in the same Fire Stations and with the same code. They will have their own siren; the real one, we are now in it, visiting all the Fire Stations to it. Greetings!

Cool that you put so much effort to this mod!

Greetings from Sweden!!

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· Map 4 of campaing:

* General image:


· Bus terminal:



In Madrid, some transport terminal have the same tipology like this, with some bus stops, Metro, and parquing for buses. Some of them are the "Intercambiador de Plaza Castilla" or the "área intermodal de plaza de Alsacia".

· TV equipe:


· Taxi parking:


· Car exposition:


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why don't you launch an beta version? so many tyme that you are doing this mod.... i like the mod but i want to play it too :P

We are working hard, when we finish you and all the people will have the mod. It have more than 130 real units, all the 23 campaing maps edited and a new freeplay map. Its so many work.

Thanks and greetings.

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