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  1. Good evening, I wanted to report and consult. *I tried to use the shotgun on the sheriff with tactical vest, and it didn't work. If it has already been reported, I'm sorry, or maybe it only happens to me. It also happened to me: *in the church fire in front of the hospital. beyond having to carry trucks with water. I spent 50 minutes trying to put out the fire and it never finished. I had to give up with the end call button, but smoke continued to come out. Thanks.
  2. I have noticed when I start the game that the mpfd truck has 4 spaces but when called it changes to two personnel spaces. On the other hand, I used the ladder truck and a firefighter with the saw and another rescue (out of curiosity) both went up with their butts up haha, and then the firefighter with a rescue scuba couldn't get down. when clicking on the stairs, it only came out for the fire extinguisher object thanks. I have also not been able to rescue people from inside buildings, they do not directly enter.
  3. I am fascinated with the tanker and the tender, grateful is little!
  4. Hello, I was just asking, if someone else has a problem with the lights of the vehicles, I see them with a white square, invisible victims on the beach, and just outside a house, he warns me that there are injured, but the injured are not seen, I can attend to them, lift them, but they cannot be seen, it happened to me on the beach (next to the child with a ball), and in the neighborhood where the graffiti patrol is.
  5. I use a truck as a mother truck, that way I can supply the other trucks if there are no hydrants, On the other hand, I wanted to see if it is normal that when diverting traffic with an officer, the emergency vehicles that patrol the city do not obey the order.
  6. Is it possible to add a tanker? It's just a question. thank you and the mod has a good future! http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_los_angeles_county_1/ca_lacofd_retired/ca_lacofd_retired_tanker.html
  7. good,continue thinking to collaborate Sorry, didn't i read that part
  8. If you Aver now understand? My question was if they are going to add this Medical Assistant, or is going to be the same as the one who is in the video? I write in Spanish, sorry for the bad translation of Google Chrome. Please forgive me if there is something bad writing.
  9. Hello, I would like to ask or perhaps would like a contribution, To you generally do not like to have nurses and Manhattan mod? My loved me, Greetings and look forward to this new Mod!
  10. I've also been the problem with the truck with ladder ... do not come with water and supply them is "bugea" the problem is that the patch christmas eh reinstalled several times that bad xD copy folder, but when the copy right, I thought it would mod problem, And about the time that happens to me in the only mod manhatta |: this evening I will try reistalar the mod. Thanks for responding, Happy New Year from Uruguay! THANKS!
  11. hello, thank you very much for answering, the problem with the firemen, that connecting a hose from the street to the truck 54 bugea me when sending to the base if you know any solution? The game will not edit or add scripts but fix that: D It is normal for 10 or 15 minutes the game locks?
  12. It is normal that the game locks and have to close it? and truck 54 when the truck runs out of water, abastesco street but when sending it to the base can not disconnect the hose from the street ?¿ I appreciate your help Greetings from Uruguay,
  13. I already sorted out by facebook Manhattan, How to make detours around Manhattan and not get clogging? NYPD cops have the button divert cars?Where? I'm new to Manhattan xD I'm from Uruguay and Tradusco via Google Translate
  14. Hola, tengo un problema al descomprimir el archivo de Navidad de actualizacion, Me dice que exede de los 260 caracteres y no me deja descomprimir nada.
  15. F1sura

    Madrid Mod

    Wow, estoy sorprendido por su trabajo, sin duda va a superar a varios mod y creo que va a ser el mejor, mis felicitaciones y espero con ansias este mod, buena vibra! saludos desde uruguay!
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