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Miami Modification [PATCH 2.2.1]

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New version of the mod with a bunch of fixes. Don't worry, future fixes will be released only as patches, but as of now - you need to redownload the mod once againe.


PATCH 2.2.1: https://mega.nz/file/i14FWCqb#EqixUX-PLRU4N3v-r8J7MnaoqF7T5o5RDbY8vbMMvHM

Not fixed:

- Police dept parking lots bugging;

Version 2.2.1 fixes:

- Fixed persons control bug in MP;
- Fixed CTD on the stuff command on Unmarked Dodge Charger in MP;
- Fixed parking space in MP;
- Fixed going back to firestations in multiplayer;
- Fixed missing battalion chief;
- Fixed missing icons for multiplayer;
- Fixed script eror for lifeguards;
- Added multiplayer;
- Added surfboard and fire extinguisher for lifeguards;
- Added permanent coronas folder for people that don't read manual;
- Swapped detective for RID officer;
- Fixed bird flu call;
- Fixed for the firehydrants near wallmart;
- Fixed paths and traffic list;
- Numerous changes and improvments on the map;
- Fixed parking lots in the garage;
- New incidents. (Like new RTC);
- Fix for traffic lights causing jams. (Use traffic debug if you still got problems);
- Corrected spawn points for bat chief called untis;
- 4x Swat callout shouold no longer make 2 trucks stuck in each other;
- Dispatch calling out unit now have beep sound;
- Slowed down callouts rate;
- Permanently removed snow blizzard and units saboteur calls;
- Fixed firestations parking spots. (If you got stuck you can use parking script to unstuck it);
- Fixed stepping on a ladder inside firestation;
- Fixed persons on a roof;
- Tweaked all models to use less memory - should lag less on low end PCs.

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Banner by - Dyson:



The first banner ever created by me, i love it!



Fan banner v1 by - Borjaxmusic:



Fan banner v2 by - Borjaxmusic:



Fan banner v3 by - Borjaxmusic:



Fan banner v4 by - Rihis:




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are the csi hummer there? cause i love csi!

Yes borjaxmusic has crated to us Hummer H2 you will se it done werry soon,and some other updates^^ :beer:

Here it's moddel:


Our site today has a birthday :cheers-mate: )) 400 days))

you will se some updates on it :cheers:

-Something new-

New real miami lightbar by Rihis


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CSI Hummer H2 Done!

See pics in firs post :holdglass:

Im not sure if it should be there:



-The building really stands in Hawthorne, California, and it’s the headquarters for the F.A.A. Federal Credit Union, located at 14600 Aviation Blvd. And also just as surprising, it is not shrouded in CSI Miami Fluorescent Orange Glow, and does not come with its own statue of Horatio Caine (David Caruso) standing there with his hands on his hips, and sunglasses on his face. (Although I am sure David wishes it did.)


-The building that's used in exterior shots of the MDPD crime lab is actually the Federal Aviation Administration Federal Credit Union headquarters in Hawthorne (on Aviation Boulevard between Marine Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue).


-REAL CSIs DON'T GET HUMMERS OR CASUAL FRIDAYS Horatio Caine (Caruso) and Detective Sevilla (Wanda De Jesus) certainly look cool pulling up to the crime scene in a snazzy SUV, but most real criminalists are stuck driving around in standard issue utility vans, police cars, or their own vehicles. And even the head of the crime lab probably doesn't wear Armani, especially not to prowl around a blood-spattered crime scene.


Is the CSI:NY and CSI Miami are real life incidents which are dramatized into serials or Just imagination ?

-Hey it is not a real life story.it was written by a man which as later made into film.This what i think but i am sure that it is not a real life story

-it's not a real life.


(This one is not that important)

-It might surprise you to know that CSI Miami is not actually filmed in Miami. Though some scenes are, the majority is filmed in California. Locations like Long Beach, and Los Angeles can be seen in scenes of CSI if you look closely. Florida is mostly flat, and in some outdoor scenes you are able to see hills in the background. Releigh Studios at 1600 Rosecrans Ave, in Manhattan Beach California, is the filming studio that CSI Miami is filmed from. David Caruso does however have ties to Miami Florida. He once owned a high end, upscale store located in a more high class area of Miami.


Until someone from Miami can state that there actually is a Csi Miami in Miami i will stand on this: CSI:Miami dont exist.

And if im right, and you try to make the mod verry realistic i think you should remove the SUV.

But good work anyways :]

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Until someone from Miami can state that there actually is a Csi Miami in Miami i will stand on this: CSI:Miami dont exist.

And if im right, and you try to make the mod verry realistic i think you should remove the SUV.

But good work anyways :]

You hawen't opened America for me...

I haven't sad for full realistic (think about yourself this units is realand serial CSI miami is not PC animation) and for any of your comments i won't delate it :laugh:

P.S. Updates is comming :beer:

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