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  1. Will there be an airport in future versions?
  2. What do you mean by Unicode? I have the same problem but with Pardubicko's mod
  3. Hello everyone, I just downloaded Pardubicko mod and it looks like this, this happens to me with most czech mods.
  4. You must bring a tow truck to remove the container or whatever is causing the call @MaumeeStormMaster
  5. Que buena pinta tiene, ojalá algún día publiques el mod
  6. I think they are the only Portuguese mods out there and they are pretty outdated already
  7. I just discovered this submod and it looks amazing
  8. Buenas, me gustaría ponerme en contacto con vos, ya que quiero hacer un mod de la provincia de Santa Fe y no se nada de hacer mods xd
  9. Excellent work, it was worth the wait
  10. https://www.4shared.com/zip/SAIm9zeAce/portuguese_modification_v2.html
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