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  1. Due to inactivity (personal life stuff to deal with) I haven't been working on this mods the past months, but I have continued work on this now. Here is a short video of what I have been working on this week: (sorry about the music accidentally recorded myself eating so had to cover that up) About the updated CVPI skin: As some of you may know in June 2018 the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (Montreal Police) showed their new liveries. The CVPI is being phased out. But since their is a lot of CVPI lovers (including myself) I will include one with the new livery along side the dodge charger and ford explorer. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. As you can read in the article that @Fred03 linked they are actually in quebec and the C division headquarters are in Montreal. That is why they will be included in this mod but as a out of map unit that can be called in. For all the other people interested in the mod & who are not in our Discord server - I have been busy this week and last week cause I am switching jobs, I am going to work in an airport so a lot of paperwork for security... This week I'll start working on the mod again!
  3. Now working on some RCMP assets for the mod! RCMP Uniform & traffic vest by tim0984/tim260 (me). Also a video where I was testing some things and recorded a little part of it showing off some edited parts of the map (with some bugs hehe):
  4. Our Groupe de Sauvetage Technique "Technical Rescue Group": Body: Hoppah Cab: Made by SOCOM552 edited by tim260/tim0984 Lightbar: 72" Whelen Freedom by SOCOM552 Textures: tim260/tim0984
  5. We are looking for someone experienced in em4 scripting & someone who has experience in doing lighting. I can do basic edits to scripts and lighting myself but looking for someone who has a little bit more experience. Hit me up on our Discord server if you are reading this & interested!
  6. Was working on that thank you : ) will do!
  7. Click here to join our Discord | Youtube Channel with some WIP videos Hello! I will be working on the Pointe-Claire mod, I will be working off the LA mod base and will be adding features from there. Pointe-Claire is an on-island suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. I've had this idea for a but didn't do anything with it because there is a Montreal Mod in progress. But since the "Montreal Mod" is just 1 street and thus a different gameplay experience I decided I would go forward with this project. Click here to join our Discord! The map will include: Montreal Fire Department (SIM) station 55 Pumper 255 2nd Pumper 2055 Ladder 455 Light Rescue Unit 555 Technical Rescue Group (Groupe de Sauvetage Technique) 655 Chief of Operations 132 Montreal Fire Department (SIM) station 62 * Pumper 262 Pumper 2062M Ladder 462 Montreal Police (SPVM) station 5 List of police units not finished yet. Supervisor 5-85 Patrol 5-XX Lakeshore General Hospital List of ambulance units not finished yet. Out of Map Units Tanker 6053 Tanker 6064 Groupe d'Intervention Matieres Dangereuses 1729 (HAZMAT) We might be adding additional buildings & units if nessecary. Functionalities that will be included: Limited Water Logic Stretcher Script (stretcher can be carried by one unit) More to be added, suggestions are welcome! Pictures of the map (WIP): Walmart got a updated look. New ambulance parking/patient dropoff SIM Station 55 New 3D SPVM lettering on police station. Unit pictures/videos Credits: LA Mod Base by Hoppah (including scripts, map textures & 3d models) SPVM, Urgence Sante, and SIM textures by me (tim0984/tim260) Pierce Velocity Model by Hoppah & "Fire Dept Boston" Ambulance from Mayberry mod - If someone knows who made it let me know! Could not find the author.. SOCOM552/CMCC626 for making us a Spartan Metro Star + body Other: cops, VPI, godra
  8. It does work if I leave it in just the "03 Police" folder so I'll stick to that. But that doesn't explain why my wheels (or other vehicle parts) sometimes randomly disappear. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't I can not reproduce the issue every time. So I have no idea what is happening..
  9. Hello! This might be a stupid question, I've been trying to make my own mod (private) and I just want to start with the basic em4 map. But whenever in the editor I create a unit & unit group and then reload the mod nothing is saved and I have to add everything again (childs, wheels, doors etc) does anyone know why this happens? What I did: Create a mod in the editor called it "Greater Montreal" Create group based on LA Mod folder structure so I called it: "03 Police" Create prototype, save in mod:Prototype\Vehicles\03 Police\CVPI\svpm01.e4p Create all the protoypes for wheels, doors, lightbar. * I check the folders all the files are there * Close the editor Open the editor, load my mod Press F1 to place the CVPI im working on but it is not there? (but it is there in the files) Oh and the doors I placed in _VehicleParts_doors are also gone Editor is run as administrator Basically if I save it in any other folder than the default it will not work eventhough I see this file structure work in other mods http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  10. I have been waiting for someone to start on this for a long time http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png I actually tried it myself a while ago too haha
  11. thanks, but what I get now is this: how it looks when the mission starts: http://i.imgur.com/58kd3Yl.jpg when i dispatch it and park it again: http://i.imgur.com/RTSzfrn.jpg it doesnt drive in the VO completely do you have any idea what i did wrong?
  12. Hi, I've been editing a dutch mod for my personal use and there's a parkatbase script in it but there is a 'anfahr' and 'wende' ( i assume its approach and direction, my german sux ) position which are vectors, and since I really suck at mathemetics I really have no idea how these work. Can someone either explain me how vectors work or how I can use virtual objects instead of vectors. i tried changing al=Game::GetActors("park3"); // * parking place name (virtual object)anfahrpos = Vector (0,-300,0);wendepos = Vector (0,600,0);to al=Game::GetActors("park3"); // * parking place name (virtual object)anfahrpos = Game::GetActors("park3_approach");wendepos = Game::GetActors("park3_facing");but that doesn't work either, I'd appreciate some help! The script: Yours, Tim
  13. Jingle Bells, Twilight smells, edward ran awayBella Dies, Jacob Smells, Star wars all the way.

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