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  1. 1.7 was an early version of Jordansville, named as Mayberry (like Aether said). It was basically a test for the creator before they started creating the Jordansville versions (both were and are private mods). The official Mayberry mods never did go above 1.5.1, the 1.7 version was/is a private mod.
  2. There isn't a way to do that in 4.5.2 or 4.6.1 but who knows with v5 :). Reason being as in multiplayer with a dispatchers it's easier to know when you are putting your apparatus available. If they return automatically the player wouldn't know they went back, hence the dispatcher being confused. ((As this mod was made for multiplayer for their clan and others it makes more sense))
  3. Wow!! This mod is looking awesome!! I can't wait for the release!!!
  4. 4shared worked perfectly fine for me.. (I didn't use a social media account either )
  5. Can't wait for the release! The mod looks great so far!!
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