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  1. Ok, Thanks. New version is looking good.
  2. Can people still get the .5 version?
  3. There was NO attempt to hijack anyone's topic!!! It was NOTHING but a SIMPLE question!!!
  4. Hey guys, I have a question for someone who has made mods before. I downloaded a map from the download section of this site, and I want to put it on em4 mod editor, I can't get it to load on there, What do I need to do first?
  5. I agree. Most mods on here are incomplete or are dead.
  6. This mod works great!!! You did a great job on it!! I play it a lot
  7. If you have a job working a lot of hours or are in the Military, I can understand that.
  8. All unfinished mods should be Removed from this site. If there is a mod on here that has NOT been updated in a while, They should be removed. The moderator should go through and see which mods are dead.
  9. There are many mods on here that people start making them, then they quit. If you are going to create a mod, FINISH IT!!! If you know that you won't have time to start a mod and finish it, then don't start it!!!!
  10. Ok, I didn't know if they knew about that
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