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  1. And of all the guards, cops, SWAT troops and soldiers that were called in, in the end, here's the guy who took out the shooter: Kevin Vickers, Parliament hill sergeant-at-arms (also, for the record, an ex-RCMP cop) I'd like to think he did it wearing that kickass suit complete with the hat. A true hero nevertheless, a lot of people undoubtebly owe him their lives.
  2. Proceed to beat up all 4 guys with the closest convenient blunt object you can find. Yell loud obscenities at their unconscious bodies until the arms dealer shows up. When he inevitably asks "Holy s*** what the f*** just happened?", calmly reply "Walked past these fools and one of them sneezed, can you believe that s***?" Establish reputation as stone-cold lunatic badass. Climb up ranks of criminal organization to become boss' right hand man. Wait for big deal with mob/triads/cartel to go down. Rip off prosthetic nose, pull out badge, yell "Police, everybody freeze!" while dozens of SWAT guys pour in from the doors and rappel down from the roof and a chopper swoops in and shines its spotlight. Take part in ensuing large-scale firefight. Fire your pistol without reloading. Boss comes out of hiding holding your girl hostage. Take precise shot at boss' head, sending him tumbling down in a vat of molten steel/barrel of acid/shark tank. Deliver cheesy yet badass line. Kiss the girl. Asshole captain pats you on the back and congratulates you. Reply with cynical remark. Walk out with girl under your arm. 80s rock-and-sax tune. Roll credits.
  3. Funny, about two years ago, a fan made a professional-looking pitch for the exact same concept... except it was for the Call of Duty franchise. I'm guessing someone at EA saw that video and said "hey, look, money to be made!". Have a look. Is Hardline just a coincidence? I seriously doubt it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7mBp9jSlQA
  4. 1- This is my favorite video of anything, ever. Thank you. 2- Was the Gloria Estefan song playing in your dream as well?
  5. Before this thread gets any more sad and/or pathetic, I believe it's time we just close it. Keyboard Cat, would you do the honors?
  6. My favorite emergency story ever: https://www.flickr.com/photos/inodeidaragender/2760259659/
  7. Guess that's Canada's revenge for all those US sites we can't view. Seriously though, in this day and age, that really sucks... I'm not going to recommend anything illegal here, but I hope you can find a way to watch it somehow (just don't tell me how!).
  8. Thought I'd tell you about 19-2, a new cop show that started last week on Bravo Canada (I highly doubt it's on the US Bravo as well, BUT there's a chance you can catch it online here - let me know in the comments if you're able to view it from the US or other countries). The show is set and filmed in Montreal, and follows the lives of two veteran patrolmen and their colleagues of (fictional) station 19; the show's name refers to their squad car number. It's actually a remake of a French Canadian show of the same name that has been extremely popular and praised by critics over the past few years (season 2 of the French version has already ended some time ago and I'm eagerly awaiting season 3) The show is (somewhat) more down to Earth and realistic than your average police procedural show. Don't expect gunfights or car chases - but don't worry, there are still plenty of tense moments. So give it a shot and share your opinions below. Maybe we can discuss our impressions every once in a while - I could also discuss the differences with the French version if anyone is interested (although it's almost completely a shot-by-shot remake of the French version, there are some differences that you might find interesting). 19-2 is on Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern on Bravo Canada. As mentioned above, you can also watch it on Bravo's website (although I'm not sure if they'll just keep the latest episodes on there, so catch the first one before it's too late!) (Warning: graphic content and coarse language)
  9. Ok, so, can we knock it off already? And please stop bringing copyright arguments into this, everyone, and focus on this site's rules. As I stated, no download has been made available yet, so this whole argument is useless. When we have doubts about model theft, rest assured that we thoroughly run extensive model and texture comparisons with modding software to expose thiefs - screenshots are not sufficient to do so. So please, back to topic, before I start handing warnings.
  10. May I remind everyone of the rules that apply here? http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/11232-model-use-policy/ As far as I'm aware, no link has yet been posted to download this mod, so it is in the clear as far as I'm concerned and all the fighting/cursing is unnecessary at best. Jakebrdlyref, it is however a good practice - and appreciated in this community - to give credit to the authors of the models that you use in your pictures. It acknowledges their work, puts it in the spotlight, and, more importantly, clears confusion and suspicion - as we've just seen. Also, always be careful in your wording not to give the impression that the models were entirely created by you. For the record, I made the Hitron (Dolphin) chopper and the Coast Guard light patrol boat that appear in your pictures. You have my permission to use them in your mod if you want. Best of luck with your mod, Voodoo
  11. So reports are surfacing of upcoming single player DLC and, surprisingly (but it's still good news IMO), it is said that it will feature the same trio of protagonists - Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Now I guess that supposes that I would rule out a prequel as the characters did not really interact with each other prior to the main game story. Hopefully, this new DLC will be heist-oriented. I felt like the main game heists were too linked to story progression elements,
  12. Link removed for the sake of not stirring s**t up. And this concludes Voodoo's surprise guest appearance for today.
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