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  1. Oh man those brush trucks look great! Almost exactly like what my rural department uses.
  2. Is there a possibility of a standby function being added to PD cars so that cars could be parked and still be callable by the call patrol car script?
  3. Battalion chief is missing from the new version for me.
  4. Not sure if you're still looking for POVs, but I'll bite. I drive a 2017 Ford Explorer, dark grey in color. Passenger side visor bar, 600 stick in the grill, Intersection license plate bracket on the front, and mirror beams. SoundOff Intersectors mounted under the mirror and 100 stick in the third row side glass. 800 stick in the rear window and two T6s mounted to an LP bracket in the rear. All lighting except the SoundOff Intersectors is Feniex. Rear lighting is red/amber, all other is red/white. All controlled through a Whelen HHS3200. I can't currently provide a video as I'm still installing.
  5. Your average fire department will carry a 12 foot roof ladder and a 24 foot extension ladder on an engine. Second floor access only. Trucks may carry 36 foot or longer ladders depending on the needs of the area. (3+ stories) 12 foot ladder is roof access for a single story building, one firefighter. 24 foot ladder can be raised by one firefighter. 36 foot requires 2 firefighters minimum. Largest ground ladder that I am aware of is a 50 foot ground ladder (4th or 5th floor), and the only place that I've ever heard of carrying them is Boston FD. It requires four firefighters.
  6. That is Miami PD. He is making Miami-Dade PD. I agree with EMC-Unit, the color looks fine to me. It really looks noice, EmC-Unit! I'm excited to see progress on this mod.
  7. I'm looking for more gamers to join in with on Playstation Network. Playing alone can get pretty boring, especially on certain games. So I decided to start a PSN ID exchange. I'll keep this post updated with a list. Include your PSN ID, time zone, and games you play when you post. Feel free to add me. EMP Forum Name | PSN ID Name | Time Zone | Games Played EmergencyFan97 | AlphaWolf0722 | Eastern Standard | Minecraft, Battlefield 4, others
  8. My K/D 0.61. Not hugely awful for someone who only plays recreationally every couple days.
  9. Sent you one. I'm definitely game to play BF4 with people that actually want to PTFO as a team.
  10. I live in a mixed rural/suburban/light urban county in South Carolina. There's about 22 fire departments in the county, with most of them being all-volunteer. My local department is an ISO class 10 department due to politics and bad management. They've got 3 stations and something like 4 engines, 3 brush trucks, 3 tankers, and a rescue. I'm not familiar with their operations as I wasn't on that department. The next-closest department, Eureka, has around 15 interior-certified firefighters, one station, and runs two engines, two tankers, and two brush trucks. They're a Class 9. Most of the departments around here average around a Class 5, except for the departments in the more urban/suburban areas. Mutual aid is automatic for structure fires and usually features two or three agencies responded as MA to the original department. EMS is provided by the 911 Provider Network, which consists of 10 ambulances operated by Aiken County EMS, one(or two, it varies) operated by Aiken Rescue, and two daytime trucks operated by SouthStar. ACEMS is the taxpayer-funded county-operated 911 EMS agency. Aiken Rescue is a non-profit 911 EMS and special events EMS service operated solely off of donations and billing patients. It is the oldest EMS agency in the county. SouthStar is a large for-profit corporation. Law enforcement is provided throughout most of the county by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. Aiken, North Augusta, and Burnettown operate their own law enforcement agencies. Wagener also has a single officer on duty at the time. SCHP has a few troopers that rotate through.
  11. Revisiting this topic. Currently, I'm looking to run modded Skyrim on ultra as well as newer games on high/ultra. I'm looking at getting a GTX 780 graphics card, and I've got 8 GB of RAM as a hard drive. However, I have no idea on what kind of CPU, motherboard, or anything else to get. Suggestions? So I did some research, and I think I've settled on an Intel core i5-4690k CPU. It's decently priced and it seems to be an excellent processor for the price.
  12. Mayberry Fire-Rescue, Mayberry County Sheriff's Office, and Mayberry Memorial Medical Center EMS on scene of a two-car collision with double entrapment. Both patients were transported to MMMC. MMMC EMS and Campus Security respond to a report of a person in shock on hospital grounds. Mayberry Fire-Rescue Utility 1 is first on scene of a fall victim. Mayberry County Fire Department HAZMAT 8 conducts training at a Mayberry Fire-Rescue facility.
  13. LA Mod AUS submod contains either an International or a Freightliner, I do believe.
  14. RTS is much more difficult and requires basic EMS knowledge.
  15. Hey bama and itchboy, this was posted on an Emergency 4 facebook fan group. I thought you guys would like to see it.
  16. I would suggest locating the NPS/USFS station more north, closer to the woods, and locating a small fire station in the town, with only an apparatus or two. My suggestion would be an engine and a tanker, if you're using the limited water script. Or two engines. Older apparatus, for sure, I would say.
  17. Limited water script, vehicles have to have a person inside, and the AFA script?
  18. Are you going to be redoing the regular ladder truck?
  19. A Park Ranger or a wildlife officer would be fantastic.
  20. I'd like to see the volunteer script call a random number of persons instead of one for each click, like the Montana Mod uses. I also agree with the suggestions for engines. It'd be nice to see some commercial cabs, or even just different cabs. I'd also like to see an additional police agency, either a Sheriff's Office or a State Police kinda deal, and some variation in the models for the police. Maybe a Crown Vic, a Charger, Explorer. Just some variation would be nice. And I agree that Mayberry would fit with a more rural feel, but if you're wanting to go urban I think that could go well too.
  21. Yes. Federal vehicles have to conform to light laws in their place of jurisdiction. So in Cali, they have to have a steady forward-facing red.
  22. Very nice vehicles. My only gripe is that I wish you'd make the vehicles easier to install. It'd make some people more apt to use them.
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