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Alex Neumeister

Evans NY Mod (Slow WIP, unknown release depending on progress)

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Hello everyone. I decided to create a mod based around my own town. I doubt anyone knows where this is but Evans is about 30 minutes south of Buffalo and is a relatively rural community. There are 7 fire companies which serve this town operating 9 stations. My company (Evans Center) will probably be the main station due to our diversity of units(plus obvious bias but lets ignore that). I may add in Angola due to their Ladder truck or simply make that a mutual aid company. I currently have completely skinned our chiefs car(9) and am in the process of skinning our utility car(7-1). I am also in the process of modeling our engine 2, a 2005 Sutphen, using itchboy's cab as a base. Any modelers would be appreciated as I am not extremely skilled at it but if need be I can certainly manage myself. For the 9 and 7-1 I am using the Expedition from Mayberry mod.

7-1 and 2.jpg





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Progress of this mod is continuing to those who have interest. The first Ambulance has been created with the use of Itchboy's E350 Ambulance with the old rotary lightbar removed. Skin done by myself based on the Ambulance of the Evans Center Fire Company. The Next ambulance which will be created will most likely be an AMR ambulance using the same model with a different skin. Also Engine 2 is getting closer to being completed as well as the beginning of modeling for Rescue 3 a Spartan Rescue.




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Progress has been slow do to my school schedule as well as work schedule however I have been working on this in my spare time and hope to make more progress this week while I am off from school. To share a piece of progress the main body of Engine 2 is being created and is in a very early state at this time, using Itchboy's Heavy Duty Sutphen cab with the body made by myself. Additionally Rescue 7 has been created and is almost done with skinning and lighting. 

911_ First Responders 2_16_2019 9_11_53 PM.mp4




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Update. Evans Center Car 9 has been completed and I have begun the modeling of the Rescue Box for Evans Center 3. Like the engine this is a very early model and there is a lot that has to be done.



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