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  1. A Glitch

    Try turning off shadows in the settings, or using a better graphics card if you have one.
  2. Modellers needed! Can you help?

    hey quick tip, more people will be inclined to help you if you show what progress you have so far with pictures.
  3. ARFF Pack

    Hey, I know it's been awhile but I just now decided to implement this script but am having some troubles. I'm trying to use it in the Copenhagen airport mod but after I set up the script the install tender command simply does not appear upon clicking on the unit. What I've done so far is make a dummy model that I would use for all 3 of the units, add the commands to the units. and modify the script to point to the correct .e4p files.
  4. swap vehicle script

    ay, is there a simple script anywhere that would just allow me to swap between 2 vehicles? so like when I click the script the current vehicle disappears and a different vehicle appears in it's place, and if I click it again the old vehicle appears again while still maintaining all the people inside?

    If your near los angles try to stop by L.A. County station 127, which is where they filmed a fire dept based t.v. show called Emergency!
  6. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    Now THAT is about the coolest and most useful script ive seen in a while!
  7. EdgeWater Mod (WIP)

    Made a poll for if you'd prefer 90's or 2000's style units, make sure to vote.
  8. Carlsbad Modification

    seems cool. good luck with this (:
  9. New PowerARC Volt Lightbar By Me

    woo! I've seen these popping up in some towns near me, I will definitely have to play around with it for awhile.
  10. Modding/Game Error

    This sure is odd, when you try reinstalling a mod try using the em4 modinstaller to uninstall it (the original files) first if you haven't already tried that.
  11. [HELP] London v1.3 EM4Mod file corrupt?

    Have you tried re-downloading it?
  12. no mod installer...

    yeah, if you've got the install file you should re-install everything.

    Also, here's some more mods I think you'd enjoy... Be careful, I think the light mod may screw up some stuff so if you use it back up your original mods incase you don't like the outcome. And check out some of the other stuff in the downloads section, there's some pretty cool stuff there.
  14. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    I believe in most of the U.S. the drunk has the choice of going to the hospital or straight to jail. most chose hospital to try to put off going to jail for a few hours.
  15. LA mod