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  1. Mod trouble

    The Montana mod is unfortunately just like that, it wasn't optimized very well and that's also why the download link was taken down. The only way to run it good is to have a real nice computer. Like my pc has 20GB of ram, yet still I barely get 20 FPS. Luckily Itchboy is working on a new version of the mod, that will be a lot better working.
  2. Invalid Mod package.

    Which mods are you using?
  3. Open .eft files

    Whoops, I did forget, haha. here you are:
  4. Open .eft files

    I found this, it's a version of the map.
  5. Helping Peter Mod Crash

    Peter (The main dude you control) has to be in a vehicle for that to work.

    I don't have one, but I can make one. What does discord do?

    You mean edit them? I have some experience, send me a few and I'll see if I can get what you want.

    I can do simple models but don't expect me to be very fast with them.

    I agree with TACRfan, no one is going to build a mod for you. Asking for help is only for when you are making the majority of a mod (or at least a good chunk) and lack just a few skills, not a whole team. Your best bet is to learn how to do most of this stuff yourself and then ask for help for the part that your least good at. You especially need to become a good leader yourself, people will never help you if you look like you don't know what your doing. Skinning is easy, start with that. And then with mapping, then modeling, and finally scripting. Good luck, I hope to hear from you again in a few years.
  10. General Questions

    For question number 4, What mod are you using? If it is destroyed in the station it must be taken away with a towtruck before it can be replaced. If outside the station you can skip this step. Then you can call in another unit of the same type into the map, from here you will select that unit, then click on a command usually called something like "To Fire Station" and it will go to and park in it's spot. Also, so that you know, the phrase "...only units assigned to a fire station may be parked in those stations." does not mean units that start assigned to a station, but any unit that can park in a station. So if you have an ambulance that gets destroyed, another ambulance can replace it as long as it's the same type of ambulance. Hope this helped, message back if it didn't and I'll go in a little deeper.
  11. interesting game

    Last night I came across an interesting game, it's an EMS simulator that was actually partly-funded by the USA's Homeland security agency to better prepare Paramedics and EMT's for mass casualty incidents. You can download it for free from the following link. http://virtualheroes.com/portfolio/Government/Zero-Hour--America---s-Medic

    In most mods I see you have to use the rapid deployment function on the tankers in order to get the refill feature, if you just connect a hose as you would with a regular fire engine it will work like a regular fire engine.
  13. Scenario Script Mod - Anyone interested?

    Hey, if you could add the English subtitles to the tutorial videos I'd really get into this.
  14. Yeah, I've never tried this as I don't do multiplayer, but this should work. Go into the Fairfax 2.2 folder, (or the folder of whatever mod you want to change) , There, you should see a folder named "Specs" this folder should contain al file called "fp_params_endless_mp" This file is how the game knows what calls to give players and when to give them. Open it up with some kind of text editor (I use notepad, I've heard WordPad works good too.). You are going to change the first two variables: <MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "60.0" /> <MaxIdleDuration value = "17.0" /> I copy pasted the variables from the LA mod so the current numbers (values) here are probably lower than yours but since were just using this as an example that will be okay. Simply, to make the call volume higher, you are going to lower the values of these two lines. What they do should be self explanatory so I'm not going to go over that, But note that the values are in seconds, so a value of 15 is equal to 15 seconds. And like I said, you're just going to lower the values a little. so if I wanted a higher call volume, I would change <MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "60.0" /> <MaxIdleDuration value = "17.0" /> To <MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "35.0" /> <MaxIdleDuration value = "10.0" /> From here you save the file and the call volume is higher. However, in order for this to work in multiplayer, everyone you play with must follow the same steps, and have the same exact values. I recommend modifying the file yourself, and then sending it to yours friends to download and replace their files with.
  15. Editor not saving changes

    Perhaps something did not install correctly. Try reinstalling your game.