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  1. Hoppah was the original modder who made the LA mod way back when emergency 3 and 4 had been released. He is considered the person who set the standard for what American mods should be like as his LA mod has been the framework that hundreds of other mods were made from and almost every single American based mod has some of his work in it. He decided to stop modding a few years ago, though he's not dead. Whoever said that probably just meant that his hobby of modding is dead, not that he himself is dead. the LA mod 2.1 is the official LA mod made by him for emergency 4. The mod has seen plenty of more recent releases of it in the form of submods. You are allowed to update it however you like but if you plan to release it make sure to give credit to hoppah and anyone else's work you used.
  2. really sad to hear about this man, I know how over the years things similar to this have been a problem though so it's 100% understandable to make your decision. Thanks for all the help and content you offered over the years.
  3. looks good to me. good luck with the mod.
  4. wow, never thought i'd actually see ground ladders in em4. amazing work!
  5. My department carries 16 foot straight ladders and 20 foot straight ladders for second floor access (or they can be used as roof ladders), 24 and 28 foot extension ladders for 2-3 floor access (These consist of one base section and one fly section), and we have one 35 foot extension ladder for 3-4 floor access (this also has one base and one fly). the 16 and 20 footers can be carried by one person, the 24 and 28 can be both carried and raised by one person if needed but preferably two people. and the 35 should be raised by 2, preferably 3 or 4 people. Also, we carry a 10 foot and 14 foot attic ladders for for use inside of structures but could be used outside to get to very low hanging roofs and such.
  6. I forgot to upload these! I just did now and they are pending approval. Have fun with them!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains 3 simple pierce arrow rigs, one is an early 2000's version, the next a 2010-ish version, the last being a more complicated 2018ish model. They are all from scratch made by me. Front lighbars in the picture are not included and were made by emc-unit. enjoy
  8. Wow… did that ambulance take a shortcut through a crowd of people on the way to a call?lol
  9. I remember those competitions, we should bring them back. I'd definitely participate in them.
  10. Try turning off shadows in the settings, or using a better graphics card if you have one.
  11. hey quick tip, more people will be inclined to help you if you show what progress you have so far with pictures.
  12. Hey, I know it's been awhile but I just now decided to implement this script but am having some troubles. I'm trying to use it in the Copenhagen airport mod but after I set up the script the install tender command simply does not appear upon clicking on the unit. What I've done so far is make a dummy model that I would use for all 3 of the units, add the commands to the units. and modify the script to point to the correct .e4p files.
  13. ay, is there a simple script anywhere that would just allow me to swap between 2 vehicles? so like when I click the script the current vehicle disappears and a different vehicle appears in it's place, and if I click it again the old vehicle appears again while still maintaining all the people inside?
  14. If your near los angles try to stop by L.A. County station 127, which is where they filmed a fire dept based t.v. show called Emergency!
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