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  1. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    If you don't see one, then there isn't one. This mod is still a Work In Progress. They will give us a download link when they feel ready to release it. When? I don't know.
  2. Amity Island Modification

    I can't wait till this mod is finished. It looks Amazing Oberfrankengamer. Keep up the amazing work
  3. Anyone still play?

    If you want to join a friendly community, join Coastal Emergency Services Group. Our site is cesg.enjin.com and our teamspeak ip is: eb397.teamspeak3.com
  4. Do you know enough to have the coroner go only carry 1 or 2 coroners and have it go to the hospital to drop off instead of off the map
  5. @itchboy I have a suggestion for this mod. Is it possible to have a chance of EMS requesting assistance at the scene of a call and enroute to the hospital for something like a feisty patient.
  6. Game keeps scrolling to corner of map

    I do have 2 monitors but only one mouse and one keyboard Now itchyboy's suggestion isn't working. so I again need help
  7. I agree with theocd, with the fact that we should have a couple coroner calls. I just want to input my suggestion to add on to his suggestion. How about that we can't call the coroner in with the callout menu but we have to use a police officer to call it in.
  8. Hey guys, I am here for some help I as am having trouble with the game. Everytime I play it, the game will automatically scroll to a corner of the map and I am getting frustrated at this as I can't really play the game when it is like this. PLZ HELP
  9. Chicago Fire Mod! [WIP]

    I am going to warn you before any of the moderators do. NO ASKING FOR RELEASE DATES. IT IS AGAINST THE RULES.
  11. As long as it is ready before 7:00 AM EST tomorrow,
  12. Mayberry County [Released]

    Can someone help me, I downloaded the mod a couple days ago and everytime I try to load it, it crashes, like when I am loading it from the modification menu, it crashes to the desktop with no error. Please help me EDIT: Found out it was MCC1 model so I replaced it with MCC2 and it is fixed
  13. [REL]WestCoastCanadianMod V2.0 RELEASED

    They are up to date
  14. [REL]WestCoastCanadianMod V2.0 RELEASED

    Hi, I just got off of EM4 and everytime I load the mod and choose freeplay, the gameplay is screwed up. no pictures at the moment but is there a way someone can help me NOTE: I reinstalled and redownloaded the mod already
  15. Better Police Scipt

    That would be a great idea, and I am the same person as mcflame1, just have too many passwords to remember