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  1. Dont see why making stock game to be more USA is any rational. Standart gameplay is old, people would continiune to rip off Montana and corpse of Mayberry instead and give 0 f about stock game. But we have a lot of free USA themed shit at download section, if somebody have unlimited free time, go for it.
  2. Lets be honest, stadart Em4 cars are trash, and as of i know - nobody use them and swapped for Itchboy's civil cars pack. Don't think the one's you are doing are relevant nowadays.
  3. Guys, thanks for support! I gues i made a mistake posting all those large images. I wanted to share some 2008 images of the mod, found deep in my mod site (never posted before): https://imgur.com/a/LeQhX3N
  4. It is a scripts problem. But why dont you ask the mod creator upfront?
  5. I think you should swap a lightbar on Rescue 2 so it would stand out more. For ex, like on mine: https://imgur.com/Pr7omla
  6. @blazinggod8 Nice atention to details! Good work. But hey, the moddel is not bastian's. Correct credits would be: Wittener & Iglheaz
  7. I don't see you try the solution. Uninstall codec pack. Check what happens.
  8. Don't think your CPu will run with mods, but your crashing problem is: ?VVideoTexture::InitTextureRenderer(): could not find output pin [80040216] and search shows up a thread here: and solution in that thread I have no idea whats a lav filtes so go figure...
  9. If you google that, we have a bunch of similar topics around this site. Story short - we cant say anything without your log file. The most likely problem graphics driveres - you need to use the latest (if it dont help - downgrade them as the game is very old and could have complitability problems) https://steamcommunity.com/app/757210/discussions/0/1694919808751265541/ From what i see on official steam topic
  10. Hey man! Glad to see you are still around)

    1. jab16


      Thanks buddy! Glad to still see you doing your thing! Keep it up! Love to come in here and see people still engaged in the EM4 community!

  11. @mcflame1 Now to be all serious, the mod is more like closed WIP, and i am not showing new creations on purpose. And right now we are still working on the mod. Here, i can show example of new moddels to stimulate your imagination: and yes, i am not sparing your internet connection with half assed images, enjoy ;{p Air Mobility Command Lockheed Martin C5 Galaxy (replacement on Trans Aid airplane). Credits: EmC-Unit.
  12. Hey @emsfan112 considering that poole controversy is long gone and he's not active, id want to cease the usage restrictions. You can use any of the mine or my modding team shit (but be shure to follow the usage terms).
  13. http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/category/41-3d-models/
  14. In the game folder a file called logfile.txt The percentage of succes finding problem there could be 40%. Scripting erors would crash without notice in log.
  15. Can be anything, youd need to give more info and log file...
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