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      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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  1. Amity Island Modification

    First thing i see is a credits on the image witch made me confused. But than i see a author nickname) Looks sweet. Keep us posted!
  2. Greenville Mod

    The best way is 3.5 (or 4.0++ but it is a bit more diffictult). The one thing you need to learn is to use multiple layers and how to operate selecting with a "Magic wand" with changing sensetivity . Check youtube for some video guides, i don't think you'll learn that, the best way is to practice. Also i would advice that you download AA'S_Assistant plugin
  3. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Happy 4th of july for the people of USA! The new unit we got today is basicly a brush with one firehose connector. Rosenbauer Airwolf F550: Credits: Itchboy, EmC-Unit.
  4. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    We have reached a new high milestone on our facebook page, witch won't be possible without you! A thousand thanks to our thousand fans! Back in the days when the mod got started, i never thought we will reach this far. But here we are now! Stay tooned for the future updates! Here's evolution of the mod came by years: To celebrate our milestone, our good old banners got upgraded. Check them out:
  5. Katy Modification[WIP]

    I like what i see, your skinning skills are improving! Keep it up! As for the things that need to be improved - the white stripe on the back goes on top of sliding equip doors sides, witch is a bit not real. Here's example what i mean Also the ambulance with you did before, great too, but have no lightbar or flasshers on the front.
  6. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Good for you, you will live longer. It should be, but not in my mod. I don't own Zm3
  7. Boston Mod Link?

    Read this before bumping dead topics:
  8. Chicago Fire Mod! [WIP]

    Finally some
  9. are you still working on the Miami Mod? If so, when do you think it will be released to the public?

  10. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    I don't know if a Bell from LA mod gonna work with german delay start scripts tho. New FHP State Trooper skin: Credits: Hoppah, EmC-Unit, gabri1799.
  11. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I like those coronas! Well done
  12. [private+WIP] abu dhabi mod

    Looks way better! Make a credit for Itchboy for this Ford Taurus.
  13. [private+WIP] abu dhabi mod

    To be honest, i like the concept not like forcing positivity, but really. You can't go just like that in term of credits. Mayberry itself was a rip off from Montana mod. Telling that they own or created something is misleading. Check the mayberry mod for readme file. From what i see on the video: - The front door has a link to a police web site on the bottom - Roof nubers are way far to the front, also on the rear of the unit is №999 but on the roof №1? - Rear trunk is completly red, and has POLICE text on it. - Front hood is not completly red - you need to meke the red part thiner rather than paste a color on the free area.
  14. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]