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  1. It will not be out, as the author got suspended on this site.
  2. Hey, made a short QnA for people that are interested: Link
  3. If you recalculate´╗┐ normals again it will reverse the effect. Basicly you need to stay away from doint it after you attached parts. In my moddels works i would cut a lot of parts to fix the shadowing, all is left after attaching all - to smoth, and you are done. If you leve that dark part as it is, it will look the same ingame.
  4. I am ussing russian on my ZM so words can vary. You need to cut that part separate and go for surface>normals>recount or calculate. If not working, you gotta cut only flat top proection and do the same stuff, but it will look off.
  5. Just tested myself, works without any issue. You need to use just a rar and use Google Chrome.
  6. Turned LA mod motorbike intoo MDPD version: Credits: MikeyPI, Hoppah, EmC-Unit.
  7. Check Helljumper moddel pack
  8. Reworked the first moddel that was done for this version of the mod. Credits: Itcbooty, EmC-Unit.
  9. You can copy animtaions lines from old model file to new. Beautifull skin tho!
  10. Be shure not to bother making it with a lot of polygons. I have remodeled my pushbars from downloadable about 1300 polygons to mine like 2 cylinders + 2 boxes - 200 polygons. Nobody will notice the difference - but the game will lag less. You should also add some antenas to the moddels, belive me, they make difference!
  11. Helicopter moddel must be not 3d edited. If you change anything and export - you will lose the animation info. If you have not touched it, check for that info - open the body file with notepad and scroll to the bottom It must have something like this: BOX, -277, -80, -3, 217, 76, 168 N, 0, 0, 0, 333 CBOX, -276.466, -79.420, -2.775, 216.752, 75.807, 167.523 M, still0, 0 M, still1, 1 M, start0, 2999 M, start1, 1 M, fly0, 2000 M, fly1, 1 M, stop0, 5100 M, stop1, 1 And on top there must be lines: P, 3, 2150, 2151, 2143, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 where P is the moddel animations itself. If they are missing - delete the helicopter (not sarcasming). If all is fine, you must add a rotor as seperate child (to do that you must add it with seperate prototape in editor). In the end be shure to check witch animation is looped or single box flagged (open standart helicopters fore refernace) - otherwise your chopper wont take off.
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