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  1. Good job, but y you don't post credits?
  2. http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?filebase/425-vehicles/
  3. Thanks. After you download the mod - yea. I did rework and optimization on the SRT Equipment truck (pardon for the reflection on it) Credits: EmC-Unit, Rihis.
  4. EmC-Unit


    I hope we won't get you down! Tho, those smiles were broken for years... I gues from prevorious site update
  5. EmC-Unit


    So the site is not going to die (at least this year)? I'm glad to see my home is still up. From what i can see, loading time of the pages is a lot faster now, Great job!
  6. It looks good! Not a lot to complain about. Try to use less polygons to finish small details.
  7. One thing i want to point out. What do you expect to see on a poll? If you put anything on it do it or not 100% people here would vote for dU it. It makes no sense to follow advice of the poll (imho)
  8. @TheVolume those lights are exact real. There are no need for us to clone existing dodge and turn it into 2018 edition with blue color flashes. @Mark_ thanks! Another truck reworked down from 14.4 k of polygons for 5k and only one skin now. Credits: EmC-Unit, Rihis, Bama1234, Dyson.
  9. With custom map is much better, but it could take you to create one 2 or 3 years+ .It is not worth investment of your personal life and spare time. Much better to edit existing ones.
  10. The lights on FHP done for like 2 years ago, i gues you don't check in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVFLQmgfQwE I am going off duty soon to enjoy my life. Here's smol peek on whats going on. Reworked Pierce Quantums so from 12k of polygons now down to 4.6 and from 6 skins now only 1. God bless those ppl who will try to reskin it in future. Credits: EmC-Unit, Rihis, Bama1234, Dyson.
  11. EmC-Unit

    Riot unit.

    You can script it, like Hoppahs script of GTF+TLF engine. (Invisible truck spawn as TLF with a cannon and fight fire)
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