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  1. Hey man! Glad to see you are still around)

  2. @mcflame1 Now to be all serious, the mod is more like closed WIP, and i am not showing new creations on purpose. And right now we are still working on the mod. Here, i can show example of new moddels to stimulate your imagination: and yes, i am not sparing your internet connection with half assed images, enjoy ;{p Air Mobility Command Lockheed Martin C5 Galaxy (replacement on Trans Aid airplane). Credits: EmC-Unit.
  3. Hey @emsfan112 considering that poole controversy is long gone and he's not active, id want to cease the usage restrictions. You can use any of the mine or my modding team shit (but be shure to follow the usage terms).
  4. http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/category/41-3d-models/
  5. In the game folder a file called logfile.txt The percentage of succes finding problem there could be 40%. Scripting erors would crash without notice in log.
  6. Can be anything, youd need to give more info and log file...
  7. I think no, it is hardcoded ingame.
  8. In this case log file will not tell anything. You gotta tell more info. In most cases it will CTD if you pick up wrong unit type, like GTF or RW, or if you foged to copy superchilds and name them (like cannon on TLF)
  9. The game will allow you to use only standart boat from tfmb.
  10. thats a call menu as battalion chief (person).
  11. This will go for ever, i bet my ass off it is caused by some wrong setting and steam blocking something. @rockstar mono you would need to share you computer work table with soemthing like TeamViewer so itch can diagnose this.
  12. wow, new polish modders wellcome in
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