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  1. Delete Topic - Issue resolved
  2. Error 404 : Status not found

  3. Hey, could someone give me the names of the six background songs in River Falls Mod v0.5? I know the first, it's the other five that I need to know.
  4. I had a look at the Routine Mod. It makes it look rather advanced. However, didn't it have advanced scripts or something? Anyway, I'll send you a PM.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone on this community knew how the missions work on the EM4 campaign. I have created one in the past on my old PC, but I have forgotten. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  6. Can my username be changed to 'Tango' please?
  7. I have downloaded the mod, and loaded it, but it crashes to desktop when loading the mod. Any ideas?
  8. Spec Ops: The Line? Just a flying guess, lmao.
  9. That's Emergency 4 / 911 : FR , Mission 3 , Drugs Cartel
  10. Is that a game in the Halo series? It sounds familiar... Next one .... "Oh, I gotta f*ck someone. You want me to f*ck you instead? Is that the problem here? Take off your pants, cowboy, alright? Let's... let's f*ck." Easy one from a cutscene.
  11. Hey, I was wondering how you add music into the background, during a modded Freeplay Mode, in Emergency 4 / 911:FR. Could someone please help me? I have a rough idea of what to do, but I'm not sure if it's correct. P.S. Moderators, if this isn't in the correct forum, then please move it.
  12. This game should be simple. One person gives a quotation from a video game, and whoever gets it right gives another, etc. Only one rule: You are NOT allowed to use a search engine. Use your gaming knowledge. I'll begin. "Michael Bay! You know what to do..."
  13. Tango

    Chicago Fire Mod! [WIP]

    You could add in units from PD District 21 (from the spin-off series Chicago P.D.)
  14. I'm starting to love this mod from what I'm seeing. Keep it up
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