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  1. I wanted to swing the banhammer.
  2. That means the language files are either not found or corrupt.
  3. 30 mins RAMBAR AND WINDOW CAGE: Model by MikeyPI Texture/UV-map by Hoppah edit, oh and: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CI model by an unknown/unnamed German boy (you should've mentioned the original author in the first post)
  4. Did you already try it yourself? For both the bar and window cage, model the frames first. That's relatively easy with the tubes tool in Zmody. Then build a simple 2D surface for the wire mesh (or w/e its called) and use a transparant texture of a wire mesh on that. I'm talking about a texture like this (clicky click) and make sure the white areas are fully transparant. I can understand you need others to build you cars, but if you want to make a full mod, you should be able to do small and easy objects AT LEAST in my opinion.
  5. Correct, I've seen the icon show up in a couple of (sub)mods now. People seem to like it.
  6. Nice. I like the icon too.
  7. Who are you? Where are you from? You gonna start an investigation to my background now?
  8. We will be proud to use the banhammer once more as seal of approval to grant you a nice vacation far from here. Kind regards, Hop edit: omfg my 3,700th post
  9. Looks good to me, cars are recognizable despite their low polygon count. Textures could've been a bit better, but I like the progress so far. Keep up the good job.
  10. Technically, the siren script works similarly. It's just initiated differently. Didn't you recently add a tiller? That one requires another script that must be run in the background constantly, to check if the trailer of the tiller must be spawned and connected to the tillers' cabin. But too be honest, I have no idea what this problem causes. It's a synchronisation issue obviously, but there may be a ton of reasons which causes problems that bad. Perhaps the amount of objects (that can be burned) are the problem. See what happens if you delete half of all the objects on the map.
  11. I stopped reading there. And use paragraphs. This hurts my eyes. Anyway, there is no other way to install e4mod files besides the modinstaller.
  12. It's actually not that hard to do this. The only downside? It only seems to work in a missionscript unfortunately. I never got it to work in a commandscript (for freeplay usage). The codes you need: bool PlayTextureVideo(const char *Texture_, const char *Video_, bool Loop_ = true ); bool StopTextureVideo(const char *Texture_); bool IsTextureVideoPlaying(const char *Texture_);The script simply replaces a texture with the video, so make sure that particular texture isn't being used on 200 objects, but just 1 (the screen of the tv in your fire station). To get an idea how the code works, check out the tutorial script file located in your Data\Scripts\Game\Mission folder for an example. The map file may be useful too, to get an idea how the code interfers with the object.To get a compatible video file, you need convert your animated gif or any other video to mpg format. I'm not sure which codec and settings you need, but this is the info I pulled from a video file that is compatible with the code above. It's got no audio. GeneralComplete name : D:\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Data\Video\tutorial\tutorial_clip_1.mpgFormat : MPEG-PSFile size : 1.15 MiBDuration : 7s 240msOverall bit rate : 1 335 KbpsWriting library : encoded by TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress Version. : 224 (0xE0)Format : MPEG VideoFormat version : Version 1Format settings, BVOP : YesFormat settings, Matrix : DefaultDuration : 7s 240msBit rate mode : VariableBit rate : 1 309 KbpsWidth : 256 pixelsHeight : 128 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 2.000Frame rate : 25.000 fpsColor space : YUVBit depth : 8 bitsScan type : ProgressiveCompression mode : LossyBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 1.598Stream size : 1.13 MiB (98%)Writing library : TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress Version. do know that you can use any size you want, so if you want a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) file playing on that little tv, I'm sure that's possible. However, I assume that playing a video with that size will take a bad hit on the game's performance though. Therefore, I strongly recommend to keep the resolution of the video as small as possible. For a small tv like that, 64 x 128 pixels will already do imo. It's more about having a moving picture than being able to recognize whats currently being played.
  13. If it's your desire we can delete your account, all of your posts and topics and pretend you never existed, so there's basically no (visual) trail left whatsoever. Banning/blocking your IP, account or country is another possibility or do you just want to block/deactivate your account for certain amount of time? Just give up a valid reason although the 'kiddy fights' we experience often aren't really a good reason. In case you're bullied and wanna commit account suicide, we suggest you find professional help.
  14. Nope. A water cannon added as a child can't do anything. Childs are always there for eye-candy. Only a cannan added as superstructure to a TLF vehicle can work. That's why the child will be hidden when the command is activated and replaced by the TLF gun.
  15. Did you actually try to look how the vehicles are set up in the limited water demo mod? Too be honest, you do not provide much information, so we keep running around in circles providing you the basic information only. If you just compare the prototypes in the limited water demo mod with yours I'm sure you can figer it out. Summarized, this is how you're supposed to set up the vehicle and get it to work with the Waterswitch.script (to spawn a custom water cannon on a GTF vehicletype). 1. GTF vehicletype with a maximum of 4 hose connections added as superstructures (which is the default setup of a regular GTF) 2. Add two childs, the first child is a deck gun model and named "cannon". The second child is only used to define the position of the fireman on the roof who is controlling the deck gun. Hence the name of that child is "controller". You can use any object for that. 3. Add 'VcmdCannonSwitch' to the vehicle too 4. Also, make a second vehicle prototype (TLF type) with an invisible model and the cannon added as a superstructure on the same position as the child in step 2. So, in the editor, the only thing you see is a floating water cannon. If you have no idea what I mean, take a look at the prototypes in the limited water mod. It's really simple. So how does the script work with all this? The script simply hides the child "cannon", spawns the second TLF type of top of the prototype (so you have a cannon that works) and spawns a fireman on the roof of the vehicle too. That's all, it really aint too hard to understand this imo.
  16. Try changing the dummygroup. It may share the dummygroup with another script, making one of the scripts invisible.
  17. Hi Folks, Me and MikeyPI are trying to find some more pictures on this particular Medical Examiners Van (older cononers unit for NYC): OCME stands for 'Office of Chief Medical Examiners unit' METT stands for 'Medical Examiner Transport Team' Is there anyone who can find more detailed pictures or knows what is written on the passenger door (first picture)? The van is an older version of the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiners Unit van and it was definitely used when Heath Ledger died on jan 22, 2008. Thanks in advance. Your best friend, Hoppah
  18. The custom deck gun script should work independently of the limited water logic, so you don't need need the entire package. You only need the file Waterswitch.script to get a water cannon to work + some prototype file changes/additions: 1. You will need to add childs to the vehicle that are named "controller" and "cannon". 2. You also need a seperate prototype which will spawn the TLF cannon. I suggest you look at the way I did it with the example vehicle in the demo mod of the limited water to get the idea.
  19. Multiplayer was always unstable to begin with. It may be a latency issue, especially when a lot of shit is happening the game may experience loss of packages (that are transferred to the guests). However, my theory is that the script contains codes which are not transferred to the guests properly AT ALL. There's a couple of more scripts that do not really seem to work that great in multiplayer, while they may work great in singleplayer. I think the chase script has/had some issues in multiplayer too. edit, if I recall correctly I always had multiplayer issues with one or more of these codes: Math::RotateVector(dx, dy, dz, r);Math::EulerToMatrix(0.0f, 0.f, 0.f, childr);Math::MultiplyMatrices(childr, r);It kinda sucks, because I'm in the dark on this. I do not know WHY certain codes or scripting combinations are likely to cause problems.
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