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  1. This might have been brought up before, but I am often encountering two bugs. 1) Pedestrians flood into the street and don't move when an incident happens, making me have to move them individually (believe this is an EM4 issue, not a mod issue) 2) Traffic gets really bad if you ever have to redirect them. They will get stuck turning from the left lane, causing major traffic issues. You cannot redirect them again since EM4 doesn't allow you to redirect traffic twice...
  2. Enjoying the mod, great job. Running into a little issue where I cannot purchase vehicles (an ARFF truck for example, is greyed out)
  3. Enjoying the submod, great job. The only problem I'd say I have so far is regarding water supply (the fact there aren't many hydrants in some areas coupled with there being no tanker(s)
  4. If anything US Customs and Border Protection Field Ops since they'd be at LAX. But I opted for more chargers and explorers
  5. From a person who lives in NYC, this looks great! Looking forward to it.
  6. Hello, what's going on?

  7. After doing everything cant get it to work... the models for all of them except the ones it replaces
  8. Great job on this and have the Fire Department Tahoes and police Taurus been removed? If it has not I cant seem to get it to work...Sorry about the bump :/ I found another download on pg 10 and tried it still doesn't have any of the vehicles I mentioned
  9. I know were supposed to give feedback so i'm telling him the ones I have seen
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