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  1. Is the Blackwood County mod still in development? Because it sure looks amazing.

  2. You got us all scared with that last paragraph. And yeah, I'm yet to find any modeller with so much attention to detail as you, if that's of interest As for the 2016 vehicles - ofc you shouldn't redo half of the mod just because of new yearly vehicle lineup update. Especially if most of them are so f-ugly (I'm looking atcha', Charger. Oh no! I shouldn't have! Now my eyes are never going to heal!). Although, IMO, new Ford Interceptor lineup does look better (I not much of a fan of the pervious one, so that may be a factor). Again, that doesn't mean anything in regard of units in mod, just thoughts in general.
  3. Emergency 2016 announced! Unbelievable...

    Eh, most gaming series now turn into cash-grab, and I never understood the "... Simulator 20XX" thing. I mean, they were basically same games, with a little bit of altered content. At the same time probably the most successful simulator - ETS2 - was released once and only gets updates and DLCs time to time (and here DLCs are either adding a big chunk of content or are purely cosmetic items probably created by the art dept while tech dept was creating patches). And Emergency unfortunately seems to follow this "20XX" thing. Also, about the aforementioned GTA V - it was released once (for the old gen) and then second time(for the PS4/XBONE and PC), no paid DLCs, just updates. i mean, they are talking about future story DLC, but it's even better - they don't push out the same game in different envelope, and the base game definitely has content worth of it's price. TL;DR - don't buy EM2016, it just encourages the publishers(and sometimes developers) to do the yearly game thing.
  4. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Looks nice. I love that chassis, and it's great to see it used this good.
  5. Funny coincidence Rule 39: There is no such thing as coincidence I've been there, too, lol Oh yeah, and you need to get to the port first This happens in NL Port all the time:
  6. I guess you are having a... Truck Mania YEEEEEAAAAH (Sorry for that one, couldn't hold it )
  7. Outlaw Mod - Canceled

    Good job on that Magnum, it is something unique Yeah, when I was going over ideas before starting my mod, one of them was making a San Francisco based mod But then i though it'd be nice to leave California for the mods that already focus on it
  8. So, here's an update: Wildland firefighting crews to be featured in the mod (from left to right): US Forest Service - Paramedic-trained personnel (blue hardhats) and "standart" firefighters (yellow hardhats) with the Tactical Water Tender National Park Service - "standart" firefighters/NPS personnel in turnout gear (red hardhats) and Paramedic-trained rangers (blue hardhat) with Ranger vehicle (no FF vehicles to showcase yet) Oregon Dept. of Forestry - only "standart" firefighters with ODF Engine/Utility (Upper lights to be added) Credits: Personnel: Base personnel models - EM4 Base hardhats - LA Mod Edit and combination, texture - Ace612 ODF Engine: Freightliner Cab - Voodoo_operator (LA Mod) Custom rear model, texture by Ace612 Wheels by itchboy Everything else credited in previous posts
  9. Looks pretty good, don't know though about the blue text on red, contrasts a bit much. I'd try some other suitable colors or go with less saturation.
  10. Submod/Mod New Rules

    I have a question - would a folder setup mimicking, for example, LA one, considered an own structure? As my project at the development has things like this: Also, if the mod partially uses the setup of, for example, itchboy's car pack? Like if the additional unit based of his Chevrolet Silverado is added under /vehicles/Chevrolet/Silverado/*vehiclename*
  11. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Looks great overall. I know you said you won't gonna change anything, but to me it looks like it's a little bit to high. Length and width are okay, but as Vojta's photo pointed out, it should be lower, up to the point that the lowest part of the side window is as low as the lowest part of the windshield. I might have explained it badly, so PM me if you need the details on what I mean.
  12. Also, try to find the proper fonts for the specific vehicle/department/service etc. A caption in Eurostyle Bold on cop cars looks much more authentic than the same caption in Arial Black
  13. Harbor City Mod

    Yeah, I'd say it's submod, too. What they also done great is optimizing it for multiplayer experience - not many mods do that nowadays. I mean, it's quite hard to find a balance between unique gameplay features and things that will work in MP, and the HC team was pretty good at it.
  14. Harbor City Mod

    MCU has coroners, but no distinct coroner unit is a problem, yes.
  15. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Damn, those units do look gorgeous. And by what I've seen, the map feels really authentic, too. Looking forward for this mod soooo much.