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  1. If i find the time i could try to find the tutorial i waas talking about, it was really good.
  2. As some sort of feedback i´d suggest that you´d make "parking spaces" for all the vehicles added on the map to which they can come back, just like the normal trucks in the fire station. You just put them onto the map with some staff and saved the map. In 2011 i may have said something else but in 2016 at least try to put in some effort. There are good tutorials btw. Otherwise, everything is fine. At least you tried to do something nice:)
  3. Hey guys, I´m absolutly looking forward to this modification for emergency 4. Thank you so much for creating actual new content. If you would need help with lighting i would offer to do so but i think that you guys are way better and don´t need helps anyways (or don´t want help from some random guy:) Definitley appreciated! Take your time too, don´t rush! All the best from Germany:)
  4. This is a big gift for the whole community. Thank you. This is really really good to learn with.
  5. This will be a mod of my hometown Stuttgart. You may know Stuttgart as a home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. It will be realistic. I will use vehicles already existing and make new 3D Model for vehicles not existing or existing in a different version. I will make a custom map which will be as realistic as possible but it will be combining different areas into one custom map. New buildings for the map will also be done by me. Police STW: TimmeyX, PhillipNeu, Simon97 You can research the vehicles here: http://feuerwehr-stuttgart.de/index.php?article_id=56 More details soon. I know this is ambitious but it is a long time project i´ll do and will take its time but it surely will include everything as described. First part will be the police department, then ambulance and then the fire dept. It will defently take more thena year to make this but i will take that time. Let me know what you thing and also feel free to give suggestions or tell me what you´d like to see.
  6. They do it anyways. The most new people here don´t learn and do anything on their own. Thats the truth and thats why we have that much submods and that very few actual new mods. And thats why the forum is actually dying. Look at the german community and how much stuff they´ve did. You can easily find 30 3D models just for different Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Cars not included. Alot of stuff gets actually scratch made and thats why they have awesome mods there.
  7. As far as i can see this is a reskinnned Boston Mod which other then skins and maybe lights doesn´t get changed at all. No new vehicle Models, nothing. Thats bad. Modding will die if the community continues like that.
  8. "I've always noticed that no one seems to bother making actual, NEW, interesting mods, but rather submods that are retextures of the LA Mod or the Mayberry Mod or [insert popular mod name here] Mod. Not to say these mods are bad, some are pretty decent when it comes to textures, but what they lack is creativity. They are simply retextures, with no new features or cars or ideas or anything of that sort. There's also the occasional new city, but they usually don't have any new features..." Before complaining about other mods first bring out a fully functional mod yourself. Otherwise you don´t have the right to complain about submods and more.
  9. waste of time asking someone to make a map for you.
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