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    london Mod

    It means you already installed if. If you cannot find it in your mods list go to your mods folder and see if there is a empty "London mod" folder (Not the exact name but something like that).
  2. There should be a folder within the installation zip you got. Don't know the name out of the top of my head but it has the usual mod structure. You can drag that folder in your mods folder and you should be able to install it http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  3. Hey! Quick tip dont put your email adress in the public like that. Spam bots will pick it up and go and spam you (well duh).
  4. Go to the root folder of the game, there should be an "modinstaller.exe". Right click on the mod file, select open with. Browse for a method to open it with, and open it with the modinstaller in the root file of the game.
  5. Personally i don't think they would have unmarked car's. They want to make their presence known, and with such litle policemen that would be hard to do if 33% of the fleet is unmarked.
  6. I believe there is a online london mod which is quite cool, can't find it quickly tough.
  7. What did you try? Did you already run compatibility mode?
  8. Nice idea! For units, mayby an option without a batt. chief? That would add something more intresting than instead having him straight away.
  9. Very cool, however personally i think the costum dispatch menu is supercool, and would also add something new.
  10. Nice, hat looks a bit off tough i think?
  11. What do you mean? You can buy em4 on steam, its listed as 911 first responder. And it works mostly on windows 10, depends per user tough. Even if its not working, most of the times you can get it working with compatibility mode. Hope this answered it
  12. I think mostly the problem is, the creaters who used to do alot, either have a busy personal live, or just stopped for whatever reason, alot of people hoped that em5 was going to be awesome, and the expectations were very high, only alot of people werent happy, so people stopped also for that reason. And like finn said, that made alot of fights, were due a few modders also stopped. Personally, i would love to learn some stuff about modding, only i just don't have the time for it, and i think thats also for alot of other members.
  13. I believe RTS Bieber, or that Medical mod had something simulair to that, but again i am not familiair with scripting for em4 so you probably know it etter. To keep it simple in the beggining, mayby have a closed down bay, or have different parts which are invisible at first, and once you buy it they become visible and can be used? The idea sounds fun, but in Em4 there is mostly no time for that kind of micromanagment i think. True that, with equipment etc, its just not the same, but i get the point. That looks really cool, mayby you could assign more specific tasks like, "Prevent the fire from reaching the donut shop". Or when it is a big fire "Get a second alarm response", "Setup a command post" if its a third alarm and that kind of stuff. Yet again, i don't know what or whatnot is posible in Em4, i try to keep it as realistisch as posible.
  14. For the NY 2.0, While i really hope it is gonna come out, its on hold and no update for over a year, it might be a long while till it comes out. Also that is based in a big city. It would be intresting to see something like Montana mod, small city, old units all that. Then you can upgrade your fire station, equipment, fire trucks, but you also have to purchase your backup vehicles. So before you can send a SWAT team, You have to buy a SWAT SUV, Some equipment for it, and 6 men. It would be complicated to make, but would be supercool! Even if you go less in depth, but just buying the truck with everything included would be cool!
  15. Nice! What mayby a idea would be, callouts like Winterberg etc. but then on a single map, 1 callout at a time but with alot of depth.
  16. RangerDog


    What didnt complete?
  17. https://mega.nz/#!lMhVzYaJ!IPdL2kmgw7W5rQvBla1rRodeE1rFqft29wO5TOXpcbk This one does it for me atleast.
  18. Bieberfelde, London mod, i am not sure but i think someone once released a script for it, cant find it anymore tough.
  19. What kind of parking script? If you are talking about parking in stations, LA Mod, calling in from offmap and parking it, Bieberfelde, London Multiplayer, and a few more i cant remember the name of.
  20. If you use something from other mods and want to release it, make sure you keep there names and get permission before you start.
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