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  1. Looks nice, bro. I wish I had the patience to do that xP
  2. I ban you because you actually follow the rules...
  3. I got Haulin... And I love it, though I'd love to have Extreme Trucker. I believe I'm on week seven in-game and have one driver in my old starting truck haulin rockets for the Army. My other driver is truck and trailerless I drive that big truck with horses running on the side.
  4. I probably could make one... Here's an example of meh work for one of my buddies
  5. Seems like all topics related to NY are spammed Can't wait, rett! I'm so excited for this mod.
  6. I don't want to see the CVPI go I love it too much... But Placer County Sheriff just got one Charger, I believe, so more will probably come soon. Roseville will probably keep their Vics for a while, which look really nice with a new paint job and lightbars on some I too agree with Voodoo, the Charger being the only decent one. My stepdad's buddy works for Sacramento PD and brought back a few packets with the Charger, Vic, Impala, Taurus, and some other stuff. Dodge did a great job on theirs, with about fifteen pages on the Charger.
  7. I'm getting it for Christmas... I can't stand the wait I dream of getting my hands on a copter...
  8. puppysboy222


    I was expecting way worse... Just finished campaign (went by way too quickly). Multiplayer is fine, especially since I get better scores on MW3 than COD BO
  9. lol! I fail... Guess I read to fast xD Good luck with the Manhattan mod! Come back quickly
  10. Wait... You're saying the bucket prevents the truck from being placed? Why don't you just move the truck to one of the side bays and make that garage bigger? Like this: http://www.roseville.ca.us/fire/department_info/fire_facilities/station_1.asp It might be hard to see, but the Truck 1's bay is taller than the others
  11. Anyone know what this lightbar is? http://tinyurl.com/7rkwz9f Thanks!

    1. griffy


      looks like that axixtech torrent but im not 100% sure of that so sorry if im wrong

    2. puppysboy222


      It looks very similar, but I'm not sure if that's it... Thanks, though! I can just reskin it to look like the one in the pic :D

    3. C.F.D
  12. I think it'd be cool to see a station like that
  13. Well... If you could get those pictures from all angles of the cars, I may be able to do something. No promises...
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