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  1. thank you for the explanation : )
  2. Okay, the way both of you say seems to work, but after attaching everything, I shouldn't recalculate normals again then right? I tend to do it after completing a model, but maybe I'm doing it wrong Nah, definitely it appears on the editor Thanks all!
  3. You mean calculate? doesn't work...
  4. HI, I have faced this issue for some time, and I have no clue of how to fix it. I found that when I make a low poly model, some parts make weird shadows like this one. Any fix?
  5. After a few weeks stopped, I made the new texture version of the Scenic. Credits of the Scenic: Florian Hagen (Federal Signal Set) and me
  6. Sad but understandable. Modding is a tedious task.
  7. Sorry, didn't read this before. As you said, you have to assign a material. Also is better to have the complete headlight polygons first, then detach it, choose the texture and UV map it.
  8. Thank you http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png I must admit it looks more colorful on the editor than in the gif...
  9. For those interested in the amber/red lights https://i.gyazo.com/d573a08b246922ceaa10b0655b61a961.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/f708948a125eba7756569ceaba9396ae.mp4
  10. SVA SAMUR MB Sprinter (model by NNICO, Sputnik & Nomex), lightbar from Barcelona Mod, edited by me. Still WIP @AgentSmith6 I'm still looking for a program to record lights
  11. Yeah. Completely a shame. Those of us who mod for EM4 know how tedious is all the work around a single model. And taking advantage of other people work is... well, I know what it is. But I understand you. So good luck with your other projects...
  12. Hi! Thank you! I'm trying as you can see, but by now it will stay as private. The main reason is because is a slow WIP, maybe one month I made 4 units and the next two months I don't make any... So I don't even have any release date in mind (not even so much free time...)
  13. Scenic III with diferent lightbar (Lightbar model credits to Gandia Mod Team, edited by me) BMW X3 VIR SAMUR (Model by MADMONK, Edited by me to looks like the 2015 X3, Lightbar FSV Valor by Cops, the same as the Scenic one).
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