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  1. I've found this game and I liked the style it has. Not much to explain about it, just take a look at their webpage: https://playktp.com/
  2. I like it! Good job. Keep with it
  3. Well, now it's fixed. I edited the file with wordpad this time and no issues by now, patrol cars respect traffic lights. Idk if is something related to Notepad++ or I should have copied the code direct from your spoiler the first time, but now it works. Thank you anyways!
  4. Yep, here it go. I deleted those 3 lines this afternoon, but where in the exact same position as yours.
  5. Hi Itchboy. I'm trying to implement this on my current mod, but I can't figure out how to use the code. I put the same three lines you have in your example, but I got this error everytime
  6. Oh, woah, thanks for the response. I had created my first complete 3D model and it looks completely awful on the editor compared to the zmodeler one. I tried changing the FOV, but as you said, doesn't really match the Zmod one. I will try making it taller and shorter, and we will see if it works... I don't like pudgy models lol. Thanks again!
  7. Hi! I have a doubt, and I think i'm becoming crazy. Does de game change how vehicles are seen in any way? I'm looking the model in zmodeler, and when I look the same model inside de editor, it looks much more "flattened". I don't know what can cause this, if its the FOV, or what, but it is like ingame models are lower than in zmodeler. Or may be just my imagination?
  8. really nice script. Now I miss what Em5 may have been...
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