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  1. [WIP]Western NY Mod

    Looks promising. I don't know what do you need from beta testers, but count with me
  2. Amity Island Modification

  3. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Wow. Looks really nice.
  4. Amity Island Modification

    Me too. Nice one by the way http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png
  5. Amity Island Modification

    just perfect
  6. Gandia mod

    Well, the 911 first responders version (or steam version) only support normal map (map 1). I've read that you have modified the deluxe map, which is unplayable with the normal version...
  7. Gandia mod

    Si podéis para alguna versión futura, podríais hacer un Lang para la versión inglesa (creo que se llama así). Si necesitáis ayuda me lo decís if you can, the English version needs a Lang file for work correctly (read units descriptions) Gracias
  8. Gandia mod

    great news!
  9. Well, about fire intensity, maybe changing materials.xml could help. The mod is amaizing, the only thing i miss is the parking script. I also added some units to the map with the editor. Anyway, really good work. Are you going to upgrade it in any way?
  10. Hradecko Mod (CZ) WIP

    wow, fantastic
  11. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    In the spanish version of the mod I didn't have any CTD. So I think It depends of the game version.
  12. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    Great news. Looking forward to it.
  13. Emergency 2016 announced! Unbelievable...

    This is absolutely ridiculous. All those things should be in em5, and what can I say about performance... Just ridiculous... I'm glad I didn't buy EM5.
  14. Outlaw Mod - Canceled

    I like them, but I am a little lost with the changes. But I preffer NFS mod.
  15. Valencia City Mod

    Nice! Good to see Spanish modifications.