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  1. As emsfan said, it’s WIP, and it’s private. I can’t guarantee all the credits to its respective owners, so by now I can’t release it.
  2. Some ingame action. PMM assisting in a circulatory collapse.
  3. First of 4 variations of the Renault Scenic III is complete. Pending scripts and lighting. Credits: model by me. Federal signal set by Florian Hagen Federal Signal Valor by Cops, edited by me. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_01/1848130288_preview3.thumb.jpg.463f5b1fca60533841e28fcddf1dcfeb.jpg
  4. Nice! Are you planning adding scripts like in Montana Mod? I prefer simple events (like default LA mod), but It's your choice.
  5. Thank you itchboy. Means a lot coming from you! Yeah, now I have to detach the parts, UV map, paint and escale it (considering the emergency 4 weird height effect). But It will have to wait until next week.
  6. I agree about radiation. Too much radiation mess the lights effects for me. Better use polys on the lightbars than add radiation everywhere for every light. Also, I recommend you to "play" with the coronas. Edit some of them until you find one that match what you are looking for.
  7. Some previews of the Renault Scenic III (2012) Not UV mapped yet http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/1996572453_preview2jpg.thumb.jpg.dfbfce4a580c730134d35685a49d6d7a.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/147877575_previewjpg.thumb.jpg.1dd0995947d1595376668f3d3d4217e8.jpg
  8. Hi. I've been experiencing an issue for some years, which is still present. The issue is that emoticons are shown when I'm writing the message, but when I post it, it appears like and URL,but without highlight. Like this: http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png Any idea why?
  9. Thanks! I will try some new pictures at daytime. Lighting it’s something with I’m never satisfied, but I thinks it has been improved a lot since my first attempts http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  10. Well, over the last year I've been making a mod of my hometown, and as a result, I've been finding and creating content for a modification that I always wanted to have, Madrid mod. So, last week I started it, and that's all I have by now. I can upload some screenshots of my hometown mod also, if someone wants to see it. As said, both are private mods, for avoiding credits issues by now. Renault Koleos, Policía Municipal de Madrid Credits: Vehicle model and texture made by me. Lightbar by Florian Hagen (Federal Signal Set), edited by me. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/20191214015806_1.thumb.jpg.57b001c8515f1d5d495f0bde70bd6421.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/20191214015730_1.thumb.jpg.e2aeaed2e0d341378349d8c4bae444b7.jpg
  11. Looks beautiful! keep the work http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
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