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  1. Looks beautiful! keep the work http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  2. I've found this game and I liked the style it has. Not much to explain about it, just take a look at their webpage: https://playktp.com/
  3. I like it! Good job. Keep with it
  4. Well, now it's fixed. I edited the file with wordpad this time and no issues by now, patrol cars respect traffic lights. Idk if is something related to Notepad++ or I should have copied the code direct from your spoiler the first time, but now it works. Thank you anyways!
  5. Yep, here it go. I deleted those 3 lines this afternoon, but where in the exact same position as yours.
  6. Hi Itchboy. I'm trying to implement this on my current mod, but I can't figure out how to use the code. I put the same three lines you have in your example, but I got this error everytime
  7. Oh, woah, thanks for the response. I had created my first complete 3D model and it looks completely awful on the editor compared to the zmodeler one. I tried changing the FOV, but as you said, doesn't really match the Zmod one. I will try making it taller and shorter, and we will see if it works... I don't like pudgy models lol. Thanks again!
  8. Hi! I have a doubt, and I think i'm becoming crazy. Does de game change how vehicles are seen in any way? I'm looking the model in zmodeler, and when I look the same model inside de editor, it looks much more "flattened". I don't know what can cause this, if its the FOV, or what, but it is like ingame models are lower than in zmodeler. Or may be just my imagination?
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