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  1. We've got something we think will be pretty good in the planning stages right now. Luckily we've been building up models and stuff for years to do this project. As per my philosophy, the world will only find out what it is exactly when we are near release, which at this point, is very far off. 1. If someone can find the cause I will gladly fix it, but I've already invested HOURS into cleaning up the code and debugging it, but can't quite figure it out. If you want to see something fun, I'll show you a video of an issue the script used to have but has since been fixed. It might seem like a simple script, but it took a lot of time with trial and error to get it to a "workable" point. It works most of the time, but it sometimes just starts acting crazy. I've played for over and hour without an issue before, and I've also played for 5 minutes and had a CTD, so it's a real head scratcher that I just don't have the time to revisit right now. If someone comes up with a solution or can pinpoint the cause, I will definitely show my gratitude. 2. We removed the tiller completely, so I would have to re-add it. Is it possible? Yes, but the parking script wasn't written to accommodate the tiller, so theoretically I could make it an optional unit, but who knows how it would behave with the parking script. Additionally, there is another script in our current working copy of the mod that wouldn't quite work well with the tiller. 3. The new truck SHOULD be callable. Out of convenience and mostly laziness, I just swapped it with the Tiller. If you click on the tiller quint icon on the list, then it should show the ladder truck. , Let me let you in on a little secret. No sooner had we discussed, decided, and announced that this was the final release, losangelesi was already making edits and throwing new crap into the mod. I kid you not. I just went on this whole PR spiel about "that's it. We're done." and he was already working on it again. Yea, that's right @losangelesi, I'm calling you out! Since I can't possibly get mad at that idiot, I jokingly now call our working copy of the mod "Northview: South County, losangelesi's Cut" (In reference to a "Director's Cut" of a movie). As of right now he's using it as a test bed for testing new objects and such for our next project, but he did express the possibility of releasing it well into the future. The truth is, I don't know what the future will hold, so I won't say that we will or will not release an update. What I can say is that there may or may not be a growing list of things we need to fix or change if we came back to this. The bottom line is, treat this as the final update, that way you can be pleasantly surprised if we ever release something else.
  2. The crashing is something I spent days trying to fix. It's better now than it was...let me tell you. I did notice that before it crashes there is weird behavior that if noticed, can allow you to save your game from crashing. Typically, you'll notice that when sending one vehicle to park, another goes instead. Then when you try another vehicle, that same one tries to park again. If you notice this, send the vehicle that keeps trying to park instead of the intended one back to HQ and call it out again once it disappears. This fixes the issue and allows you to continue playing. Its really weird. I've played for over an hour with no problem, and have played with that problem appearing pretty quickly. I can't quite get to the bottom of it. Maybe someone else can. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hello everyone! After a long...long...long...time...losangelesi and myself decided to use a little (more like a lot) of our valuable spare time to create a new update for the South County mod! In summary we've made the following changes: 1. The biggest complaint we've gotten about the mod is that you have to call in units one by one on SINGLE PLAYER freeplay! We heard you, and I have written an autospawn script for single player freeplay, so now your vehicles will spawn and be fully staffed in their stations ready to go when freeplay loads! Be aware that your personnel will exit and enter their vehicles at the start. This is normal. Give them the 2-3 seconds to complete this and you're all set! 2. We received a lot of feedback that players were mostly against using the Tiller "Quint" and often replaced it with a ladder truck instead. With this and the buggy multiplayer performance in mind, we made the decision to remove it completely. We have since replaced it with a new ladder truck that Losangelesi put his heart and soul into! (Thanks to Firequi and Itchboy for their model assets!) 3. We removed the water tanker and replaced it with another standard Engine. We felt that without a limited water supply script, the tanker was a useless vehicle. With the Quint gone, we felt that another pumper apparatus was needed, so we created Engine 283. If you want, you can bring the tanker back by making a single edit to a script file (found below). 4. To give things a little spice I decided to try something new. Truthfully it's not new, but it's something that I haven't seen in any US themed mods yet, and that's vehicle parking. Watch the video change log for a demo. Note that I wrote this from scratch, so it may not be 100% perfect, but I tried to make it as stable as possible. In my testing it's been fairly stable. Also it's not a miracle worker, so don't expect to parallel park your ladder truck in a tiny space. To start Parking Mode, hold CTRL when clicking to move your vehicle. A marker will appear which you can move by right clicking or using the commands. To rotate the parking marker, hold CTRL and right click and the marker will rotate towards where you clicked. LEFT CLICK + RIGHT CLICK sends your vehicle to park. Holding shift while telling you vehicle to park sends it there without lights and sirens (if they are set to activate automatically). Alternatively you can tell you vehicle to park by hitting the green check mark on the command panel. Note that the move arrows on the command panel are in reference to default camera rotation so you'll have to play with it. CTRL click the buttons to move the vehicle in smaller increments. Performance in multiplayer is relatively untested so use at your own risk! 5. We made some changes to paths and the map to facilitate better path finding by vehicles. 6. I removed the bus accident on the bridge event in an attempt to cycle some other calls through. 7. We fixed a few existing bugs (too many to count). 8. Lincoln Heights is cleaning up a bit. It's still pretty ghetto but it's slowly getting better. 9. We've tweaked some settings and lights on some of the vehicles. 10. We've updated a lot of audio sound effects Now for a barrage of screenshots: The new state of affairs at Station 81. The Quint is gone and a new ladder truck has taken its place: Say hello to Truck 81 (Model by Itchboy - cab & Firequi - Body. UV Map, model splicing, lights, and edits by losangelesi) The new parking script in action: Please note that the campaign and deluxe freeplay are unsupported and in all likeliness are broken. Please use this mod for freeplay only. Thanks. So with that we have a little bad news: Unfortunately, we also decided to end any further development of this mod. We both felt that this modification has served its purpose and has grown enough for us to be satisfied in leaving it as it is. We appreciate all of your feedback and hope to one day create something bigger and better than this. I can tell you one thing for sure...whatever we come out with next will NOT be a glorified LA Submod. Instead, we hope to come up with some original content made from the ground up. Enjoy v2.1! DOWNLOAD LINK IS ON THE FIRST PAGE! How the heck do I use this new parking script thing? Here's a quick demo/tutorial for you. It's easy! Video not yet uploaded I can't save my progress in Police/Fire/EMS mode! Worst mod ever! The way we were able to implement two different modes was to replace Freeplay with Fire/EMS, and Challenge mode with Police/Fire/EMS mode. Unfortunately, the game is hard-coded to not allow saving of "Challenge Mode" progress, hence it is not possible for us to enable saving of Police/Fire/EMS mode since it is a limitation of the game itself. Sorry! How to replace E283 with the tanker: 1. Go to Scripts / Game / Command / SoCoStartup.script 2. Open this file in a text editor 3. Search for: const bool replaceTanker = true; Replace it with: const bool replaceTanker = false; 4. Save & Exit! How to staff the ambulances with two paramedics instead of a stretcher crew by default: 1. Go to Scripts / Game / Command / SoCoStartup.script 2. Open this file in a text editor 3. Search for: const bool spawnStretcher = true; Replace it with: const bool spawnStretcher = false; 4. Save & Exit! I don't like the staffing of the auto-spawned vehicles! How do I change them? 1. If you are proficient with editing scripts, you can figure out how to change staffing in my SoCoStartup.script. It's commented well and pretty easy to figure out. 2. If you don't like messing with scripts then send the vehicle back to HQ and call out a new one with your preferred staffing. 3. Disable autospawn and go back to the old way of spawning vehicles one by one. To do this simply delete: Scripts / Game / Command / SoCoStartup.script file
  4. Unfortunately I leave for Medical School in July and will have no time to continue work. EM4 is over a decade old and given the current state of the aging community, it really wasn't seen as worth it for me to invest what little free time I have left before I spend the next 4-8 years of my life learning the art/science of medicine. I really am sorry to disappoint. This is kind of why I stated in one of my posts that I don't normally believe in showing off pre-release content. I really hate for this to be another RCMP type thing, although that mod had a MUCH bigger following. It's really a shame, I had high hopes for this mod and really wanted to do it, but being the sole developer on the scripting end of things (Which is arguably the biggest and most complex part of the whole modification) I just didn't have the time to commit to bring it to market.
  5. Chris07


    Unless someone has written an import script for the v3o format, no. v3o is not a standard format or widely used so not much else supports that format except zmodeler.
  6. Chris07


    ZModeler can do it, but format conversions are not always perfect so you may get a distorted or deformed model after the conversion or on the way back to v3o.
  7. Interesting...if it continues to be an issue let me know and I'll initiate the conversation Lol, totally misread that post. Disregard
  8. Akamai I know is a big time CDN (Content Distribution Network) company. Essentially they rent server space to allow big websites (think eBay, Facebook, etc) to serve up files to users. Essentially these websites pay Akamai to have copies of their website/files on servers around the world so that when you visit their website it will load quickly (since the content is theoretically pulled from a server that is geographically close to you). After a tiny bit of research it appears that Akamai also allows companies to serve files via P2P (peer-to-peer), which NetSession facilitates. At some point you downloaded a program which uses this method of delivery. The program was probably small and it installed NetSession which then proceeded to download the actual program you wanted. The file was not server from a server, but from other people running NetSession. Once done, and if left running, NetSession then uses your idle bandwidth to further the network. When someone else downloads the program they get part of it from you "eating" your bandwidth. Theoretically NetSession should throttle back when you use the computer but it will always leave some over head. Long story short, remove it.
  9. Not quite dead yet. I thought I would share some information so as to explain the apparent lack of progress with this modification. I work near full-time in EMS, I volunteer teaching first aid and CPR in the community, and on top of all of that I've applied for Medical School and am in the middle of the application cycle. Work is resuming shortly on this mod. I hope to push and get a release for you ASAP, but know that I always put quality over the speed of the release. To all those who expressed interest in helping with this modification I apologize for not getting back to you. I've sent you all messages. To those currently interested in helping, shoot me a message. I'll get back to you ASAP and I won't let your messages get eaten by my inbox like the others! To the rest of you, thanks for your continued support and patience. This is no easy feat.
  10. When posting script files, please don't throw them in a CODE box on the forum unless its reasonably short. 2000+ lines requires a LOT of scrolling. Use http://pastebin.com/ I found one thing: Line: 387 if(12.GetNumObjects() > 0) it's written 12.GetNumObjects() with a "one" when I'm almost positive you meant to put l2.GetNumObjects() with a lowercase "L". In text editor fonts, "1" and "l" look very similar. Since variables cannot start with a number the script freaked out. The only other thing I know causes that error is if you are missing a curly brace, which I don't think is the case here.
  11. I will look into adding a GUI to this. Gotta see if I can find the project file.
  12. ...and a third of fourth part coming when I get the time to make it.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Right now my problem is finding time to make these videos. It's takes an awful lot of time to make and finding quiet time to do it has been a real challenge lately. As as to your feedback I tend to go right into it and proceed quickly because I don't want the videos to be too long. In reality, some of these tasks take over an hour. While I'd like to show you every single step, the videos would be too long. I personally can't watch a single video for over 45 minutes, and I don't think many others can. I've always just assumed that a user could control their own pace by pausing the video/rewinding as necessary. I try to show everything and usually skip over parts that are 100% repeats of what was previously done since most work is just repetitive. I personally feel that I don't prepare as much as I should and that my hinder the fluidity of the videos. I'm working on that but it adds to the amount of time I have to find to make these videos. My videos are not really meant to be "big picture". I like to focus on small tasks with the thought being that if you can do the little things, you can piece together a mod.
  14. EOF refers to end of file. The script is reaching the end of file before it wants to. That means you're probably missing a bracket
  15. No, it is used widely in the remote support world by businesses and for remote access. It's safe so long as you: 1. Download it from a known good source, like logmein.com...not from some random page or pop-up. If it's Logmein Rescue, which is often used by remote tech support, the download may come from that company's website, which is okay, so long as the company is reputable. If you don't know the company is reputable, then you shouldn't be granting them access to your PC. 2. You don't grant access to your computer to anyone you don't want in there. Remote access programs (if they are downloaded from a good source), are only as dangerous as you allow them to be. If you let some stranger into your PC, then its like letting someone sit at your PC IRL and work on it. If you wouldn't let an individual sit at your PC right now unattended, then I would not grant them access. Whether or not this whole thing is safe for you is dependent on the situation. Are you using logmein for yourself or to let a friend onto your PC? It's safe. Are you using logmein to let a reputable company help you with a support issue, (ie. A reputable software company asking you to install logmein so they can diagnose or fix a problem)? You're okay so long as the company is reputable. Is it some random company that you go this cheap piece of crap software from that never worked? Is it some random company that says they can make your PC faster or fix your OS problems? I'd be more suspicious here. Just use caution.
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