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  1. We are hiring specialists in lights, for the conclusion of the São Paulo Mod and to work with us on new projects, which are advanced, just not shown here in the community, interested in contacting, preferably with a sample of their work!
  2. What a beautiful job .... Anxious to launch the modification, a job very well executed on all models, really a job worthy of admiration!
  3. Great suggestion !! I'll put two models in the package, one with the light bar and one without!
  4. At least in the State of São Paulo, where I live, there is little variation in the units of the firefighters, but it is a mixture of American, European and Brazilian vehicles, here the units are standardized, for the entire state, becoming different vehicles, when they are donated. by the local community! What little I know of the organization of fire departments in large rural areas and counties, each department has the autonomy to buy their equipment and I also know that there is a large trade in fire equipment in the United States. Here in Brazil, everything is managed by the state!
  5. Hello, Itchboy ... Do you know how many emergency units the Fire Department will have in the mod? From what I've been following, the models are amazing !!!
  6. Hello Alex Neumeister .... I just checked your complaint, it was really an error on our part when creating the package, the models are mapped and textured, just open in Zmodeller, apply the texture and save! Sorry for the inconvenience, we will be solving the problem as soon as possible!
  7. Maybe at the moment we are focused on finishing one of our mods and eventually launching a fire truck!
  8. The team is working on a Pierce HAzMat, images coming soon!
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