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  1. Happy Birthday, best wishes, and a Happy New Year

  2. Let's nip this in the bud right here and right now... Already noted but thank you for posting. That would be me, and those familiar with the internal working of the LAFD. This post alone shows a complete and utter lack of understanding of the purpose of Fire Trucks, how LAFD utilizes them, and their compartment space. The whole point of the Light Force concept is that Quints force departments to make a compromise in the gear they carry to make room for the pump, panel, tank, and hose. By keeping it as two vehicles, that compromise doesn't have to be. Why take up room on a truck when you have a fully stocked pumper following you everywhere? Please, if you feel the need to get into a pissing match and start throwing around "says who" and making baseless statements, read the Guide posted on this site, the manual included with the game, or use google and learn about the LAFD Light Force program. Sheesh.
  3. ***Topic Moved*** Due to the error and issues being with the AUS mod, and not the LA Mod itself, topic has been moved.
  4. Thx, next up will be some random shots from that day, including a radio drill in a parking garage, then back to tagging the "Station Fire" photos. I hope everyone is checking out all of the pics, cause if you're not, you're missing the awesome gumbo Moe made that night! Freaking delicious stuff.
  5. UPDATED 01/03/2010: Ringing Alarms and Station Life Another 65 shots added of a couple more calls, including a rather strange one involving a stuck elevator in which the occupants, drunk off their collective butts, self-extricated, left a trail of blood, hit the fire alarm, but left the scene on their own accord. Also included are some misc shots around the station show...ing the gear, helmets, fire poles, and the amazing gumbo FF/PM Bernard made that night. What a way to ring in the new years, I tell you what! Enjoy! No, every state and nation have different laws regarding such. California is very liberal in that there is no expectation of privacy for those who are in a public place, and in regards to those on private property/places that do have such an expectation, you would still not need a "model release" for other reasons. Unfortunately, this is why we have such problems with paparazzi, and yet at the same time, we have very strict laws that prevent just anybody from grabbing a camera and shooting scenes, such as verified credentials and do-not-cross lines. And to reference a few pm's I've received in the past: Let me be clear, let me be explicitly clear, if any of you think that "Hey! That's coool!" and go and grab a camera and show up at a working incident in the Greater Los Angeles area that you have no business being at, you will find that within seconds you will be speaking to law enforcement and not so politely escorted from the area. You may even have your camera confiscated as evidence and may not have it returned until completion of the investigation and any trials that may occur which could take months or years. The laws are very, very, different for "freedom of the press", which only recognizes credentialed outlets, and those who just grab a camera and think they can shoot whatever they want. Other places are different, and you will have to follow your local laws, rules and regulations, but I can tell you, the reason why we have department photographers around the world, is because few on the job can tolerate Joe Blow with a camera getting in the way and having no regard for the incident and the people/families involved. That is one reason you find the faces blacked out, it's not just for HIPAA, but for the sake of those in the photographs. When these pics are used in EMS text books and manuals, training aides/slideshows, and historical records and such, the faces are not blacked out. But no one needs to find their worst moments splayed across the internet in an identifiable way. Hopefully by showing some of these calls, it will help others think twice about the dangers of excessive drinking, and the dangers involved, and show case the full service care the Los Angeles County Fire Department, along with its brothers and sisters in service, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept provides 365 days a year to the citizens who depend on them.
  6. UPDATED 01/02/10: First 59 shots of NYE are up with 2 Medical aids now added. 1st was a female with severe flu symptoms that should remind ALL of us to be careful this time of year, wash your hands often, and if you're sick, stay home! These bugs going around are dangerous and rest and fluids are the best cure. Also uploaded was one of ...the many "sick" pts we encountered laying on the ground along West Hollywood that night. I'm all for having fun, but honestly, does puking all over yourself and ending up laying on a dirty sidewalk really sound fun??? Enjoy the pics!
  7. There are 88 cities in Los Angeles County with over 65% of the county unincorporated. The answers to both questions can be easily found by googling and checking http://radioreference.com/
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_%28media%29 Google is your friend. Wiki's are too!
  9. GerardTill asked whether or not LAFD Engine 60 was totaled during the sink hole incident http://www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/3903041582/ Last time I heard anything about it, it was still being decided. The guys at the shops have done some amazing recoveries, including 1 engine that was completely burned over and 1 that rolled over after being struck by a drunk driver, but I have a feeling this will be a complete loss.
  10. actually it's not my birthday. In case you havent noticed, I'm not big on putting out personal info on the interwebs. But I appreciate the sentiment.
  11. Hey Emergency Captain... Please read this post before posting any other messages on this board. I find it completely amazing how many people fail to be able to accept the concept of "-DO NOT POST new SUGGESTIONS-Warnings may result" Topic closed. Annoyance averted for now.
  12. Update 12/30/2009 Caught a rare sight in the rain today, an LAPD Ford Explorer from the Devonshire divisions Off Highway Vehicle program. Just 6 quick snaps since he was in a hurry to get out of the rain, and so was I. Enjoy! So for those who have never seen an LAPD Ford explorer.. there ya go.
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