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    I am almost positive. But I believe I have the Woods map on my external hard drive... I don't think I can upload it anywhere without contacting the owner though.
  2. West Lampeter Mod

    I also made a few changes. At Station 1 I replaced Engine 4 with a Tanker At Station 2 I replaced Engine 2 with Forestry 1 and I replaced Engine 3 with a Tanker as well. I found that with out a lot of Hydrants on the map each department would have it's own tanker within it's halls. To continually call a mutual Aid when fighting a fire and having to call in a tanker each time is a waste of money. I am also looking at removing some units from hall 1. While it is nice having all these units there I if this is a volunteer hall they must have some pretty big industry (must be off map) for them to own so many trucks. I love the mod though and am looking forward to seeing future releases.
  3. Can I find this model somewhere?

    I won't consider that a snorkel however an actually tower truck. To answer your question.... No where. That looks pre 1990 and to my knowledge there is very little to nothing older units. You would have to make it yourself I am afraid.
  4. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    Air conditioning for the prisoners!?!?!?! Make them sweat I say!!!
  5. LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 10,2015!]

    Wait... walk us through this again. You 1) installed the LA mod... then you 2) installed his 4x4 mod? You do realize that you didn't need to do step 1 and could have gone right to step 2 right? With you installing step 1 and then installing step 2 you messed up your files... uninstall both and then install step 2 which should have been step 1 followed by step 2 loading up the game.
  6. Harbor City Mod

    If you moved the lights up to the top where the name is and bring the roll up doors to just under that you should have enough room.
  7. Harbor City Mod

    The units look good man. With Squad 3 though wouldn't the roll up doors go all the way to the top? It just seems like as if your losing space there? Just my opinion they both look great!
  8. NC Mod- NEW V3 Beta

    I too am having this issue. There is only only Engine Truck that is showing in the unit list and it doesn't have a return to station command.
  9. Mayberry County [Released]

    So really it just went from a "I am having an issue" to "I really don't have an issue I just don't like the look of it" all in all it sounds like a You design your own and fix it problem. Still a great mod ENG51INE loving it like crazy!!
  10. Miami Modification [WIP NOW!]

    actually it is "Not wip now" which I am guessing means on hold?
  11. What is the difference between a Brush Truck and a Brush Engine... is a truck smaller than a engine?
  12. Hey all.... I am drooling right now.. Vancouver Fire Rescue has ordered twenty-four custom fire apparatus.... they are 9 custom pumpers, 5 rescue-pumpers, and 10 105' heavy-duty aerial ladders the contact is valued at roughly 24 mil US... It will bring the amount of Smeal units that Vancouver uses up to 56 with the entire front line units being Smeal. Anyone that wants to Model VFS now has it set depending on the body configuration. Here is the website if you want to have a look yourself. http://www.smeal.com/news.aspx?year=2015&r=38
  13. E4LM: NYC 2013

    Just out of wonder. did you want us to put the new ambulance into the units file and everything like that or did you forget to add a file in. I have downloaded it twice and realized that was the problem. looks great from your video
  14. An Engine can be called out instead of a Rescue as well I have actually seen Ladders and Quints called out. Really it is all based on the department, most are called Rescue/Engines but with a Engine call sign. Rescues do typically have Jaws of Lifes or some type of heavy equipment with them. Vancouver Fire Rescue has actually just recently started to change out their big Rescues to smaller F150 crew cabs to get around the city easier. Where if you were to look at Squamish Fire Rescue (the department that I was part of for 4 years) has a Rescue/pumper with a Engine call sign. When are Ambulances not busy goog that's why FD gets called out and beats them to the scene 70% of the time, it's actually something that I have started to do in game Looks great guys!!!