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  1. Can you upload your "latofirestation" script I feel like your missing something
  2. What in the world are you talking about? There is no download link at the moment. Are you thinking of another mod?
  3. How did you get the tanker parts to work. It hasn’t worked for me so far.
  4. Awesome work!!!!! Question thou... on this next release are you planning on adding in the light bars as with previous releases? Any chance you can hold off for those that want to add the light bars to the model? Awesome work!!!
  5. I'm in Langford! Next time i'm in Squamish we'll have to grab a coffee

    1. squamishfire



      I actually no longer reside in Squamish.  I moved in 2011 to Ontario, better cost of living.  Haven't been back to Squamish in 8 or 9 years.

      Thanks for the invite though!

    2. Firebuff319


      I'll have to fly you out here!

    3. squamishfire


      Haha thanks! I have to come back next year for the sister wedding but it will be up north.

  6. I am almost positive. But I believe I have the Woods map on my external hard drive... I don't think I can upload it anywhere without contacting the owner though.
  7. I also made a few changes. At Station 1 I replaced Engine 4 with a Tanker At Station 2 I replaced Engine 2 with Forestry 1 and I replaced Engine 3 with a Tanker as well. I found that with out a lot of Hydrants on the map each department would have it's own tanker within it's halls. To continually call a mutual Aid when fighting a fire and having to call in a tanker each time is a waste of money. I am also looking at removing some units from hall 1. While it is nice having all these units there I if this is a volunteer hall they must have some pretty big industry (must be off map) for them to own so many trucks. I love the mod though and am looking forward to seeing future releases.
  8. I won't consider that a snorkel however an actually tower truck. To answer your question.... No where. That looks pre 1990 and to my knowledge there is very little to nothing older units. You would have to make it yourself I am afraid.
  9. Air conditioning for the prisoners!?!?!?! Make them sweat I say!!!
  10. Wait... walk us through this again. You 1) installed the LA mod... then you 2) installed his 4x4 mod? You do realize that you didn't need to do step 1 and could have gone right to step 2 right? With you installing step 1 and then installing step 2 you messed up your files... uninstall both and then install step 2 which should have been step 1 followed by step 2 loading up the game.
  11. If you moved the lights up to the top where the name is and bring the roll up doors to just under that you should have enough room.
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