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Status Updates posted by Dyson

  1. Feel speed ahead on the Miami project, come check it out! x

  2. Inactive for the next few months, updates and patches will come later in the year x

  3. I'll answer all Pm's after my birthday, pease don't think I'm ignoring them! :) x

    1. Handsup!


      Nice! Happy birthday Dyson! Have a good one!

    2. Tango


      Happy B'day, Dyson, have a good one!

    3. MauriceV


      Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Back modding for the time being. x

    1. patvmru


      great stuff will wait to see the results of your awesome work

    2. NYCEmergencyServices


      I want Manhattan mod v1 back it was so good...... but i cant not wait for v3 it looks amazing and hope it comes out soon

  5. Suspending all my modding for the foreseeable future, the Manhattan Mod however continues at pace, any PMs will be responded to ... eventually. x

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dyson


      Nope, the manhattan mod continues without me

    3. Fred03
    4. Zach1019


      wow that's sad bro! Sorry to see you go

  6. Merry Christmas to all, and my PM's are available again now! x

  7. With both me and Raf away (me on vacation) work is suspended until the 29th September. PMs will be read then x

    1. EmC-Unit


      Have a great rest there man!

  8. Two of the highest politicians in my country, showing the UK spirit http://gif.mocksession.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/DAVID-CAMERON-BORIS-JOHNSON-DANCING.gif

    1. met police999

      met police999

      well i wouldnt say highest for Boris more like mental (in a good way) politician

  9. Discovered the power of GIFs, it's like smileys, except people actually get what you're trying to say. x

  10. Anyone on em-forum.de? Add me as a friend, trying to get stuff going over there too, it's kinda hard with a stonewall of Germans ;) x

  11. Holiday booked. Boom.

  12. Bossed the olympics.

    1. Steve Winters
    2. Dyson


      British opening ceremony just now I mean ;)

    3. met police999

      met police999

      definitely British

  13. There's a few dutch guys on here right? I'm heading off to Amsterdam next month any tips on things to do? :) x

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    2. Semper Fidelis

      Semper Fidelis

      So you don't have to have any :P . Enjoy your holiday !

    3. cops


      Just like Brandweer_Rilland says but I also can recommend you to see the Red Light district at night time :)

      It's really cool there, but don't look to long at the girls otherwise a Pimp will follow you XD

  14. Pretty excited at the speed and quality of development on V2, this will be our greatest work possible..

    1. met police999
    2. Freelancer
    3. Semper Fidelis

      Semper Fidelis

      Well done Dyson. But how can I see the uptades ? (except facebook)

  15. Pretty disappointed and gutted...

  16. I run a meaningless pointless blog, care to have a read? http://thedysonmemoirs.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/meaning-of-life/

  17. Any future PMs will likely remain unread unfortunately and any questions regarding modding will not be answered. x

    1. cops


      are you going to focus on Project X ?

    2. Dyson


      Nope, I will only be helping out on it when needed, packing in my modding days to pursue 'non-virtual' prospects ;) x

    3. FDNY Engine 321

      FDNY Engine 321

      Project X looks great

  18. Super busy, any messages, emails or facebook related questions will likely be overlooked, for the Manhattan Mod please read the posts in topic. x

  19. I'm currently on vacation but all questions or issues about the mod will be resolved when I am back! x

    1. cops


      Have a nice vacation :D

    2. cops


      BTW I don't have any issue with the mod it works great!!!!

    3. search_destroy
  20. After an unproductive day of failing exams, time for some more modding I reckon..

    1. Unit 42

      Unit 42

      Don't worry, I have an F in math :s....I've never had an F in math.....

    2. Dyson


      Unlucky bro, I had 2 exams straight, did the first fine, then fuckkked the second. I asked to leave the exam hall because I was just sat there staring at the paper.. Luckily it's a re-sit, so I've already got a D in it to fall back on.

  21. Decided I may dislike Denmark, this isn't to be taken as an insult, merely an observation.....

    1. Todd15


      Why do you dislike Denmark? haha

  22. The street names are accurate but not to scale kinda like GTA.

    Ground zero is lower on the new version with a proper access road.

    From everyone at Manhattan Mod, Happy New Year. Thanks for the continued support, really means a lot.



    1. erfd


      Good to hear, thats what it looked like on the map.

  23. If you check the latest vid the lag was due to Internet lag, I hosted #2 and that had little lag :)

    @raf *realised ... This is an English forum so English spelling will be enforced! Haha screw you Yanks haha ;)

  24. Tell everyone I'm real sorry, my Internet died, be on again tomorrow with a new patch ready :)

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