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    Updates on the Lima VFD Tanker and Brush Truck. Big update on PD. Huge thanks to mr matt5432123 for making the decals. I have a it setup so that patients are classed into triage. EMT's cant treat patients with serious injuries like gunshots or serious trauma, but they can treat patients with minor medical problems. Bama and I are looking into a more advanced representation of patient care, where patients have to be administered treatments and procedures must be followed, but I havent had the time to start programming this feature.
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    The mod wouldnt be complete without bama's firefighter pack. The PD units lack liveries and Id like to do something special. Would be people be interested in a livery design contest? Ive thought it through and decided not to hold one, because it would add more time having to wait for the votes to come in, plus Id be personally biased towards people I am friends with. Ill just take care of the liveries myself.
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    Big trucks have been modded a little to help them around corners. If any traffic jams occur, I have provided a "delete traffic" button for convinence's sake. No idea what you mean with reflective lighting. Is it radiation you are referring to? Unfinished things Semi-realistic medical treatment with custom GUI FWP script for transporting confiscated animal carcasses Animal trailer script for runaway animal callout Fire district engine and chief car need to be created. Right now, no model for them exists. No tow truck model has been made yet All the doors need to be cut on all vehicles Textures on many FD vehicles, and the bomb squad truck. SWAT trailer for mutual aid police Many vehicles still dont have lights Updated firefighter models UI icons for units Tooltips for commands have yet to be written Fix the water level de-sync on the portable ponds Add the pike pole and halligan as equipment (Optional) Add Lima VFD's new engine All of the vehicle related problems can be taken care of if I dedicate an entire week to it. I am past the half way mark with them. Everything else like lights and textures can be outsourced to other people.
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    Ive got the script working fully. Video coming soon. I will be updating the firefighter models to Bama's firefighter set.
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    @TheVolume those lights are exact real. There are no need for us to clone existing dodge and turn it into 2018 edition with blue color flashes. @Mark_ thanks! Another truck reworked down from 14.4 k of polygons for 5k and only one skin now. Credits: EmC-Unit, Rihis, Bama1234, Dyson.
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    U P D A T E In the last update "There was a question about the future" for Swedish Mod. At the moment, it looks like this 70% - 10 Votes - for a new map to be created 20% - 4 Votes - Only for Emergency Units However, what surprised me - your comments I listen to And unfortunately "This whole vote was" only the Test I have already decided a long time ago " You will only see (Swedish emergency services) in (Swedish Mod) "(No Custom Map) This is a normal map "Which has minor changes" As you already know "The map contains" Swedish Police Station and Swedish Fire Station ". I had plans to" model the Swedish hospital " Go to the point now "what else was left to do" At this point - Fire Station is unfinished I Will contact (Itchboy) To complete the script That you "had a functional station" as it is in LA Mod Go now to "Swedish emergency services" Soon there will be a complete "List of authors of the Models" Which are used in (Swedish Mod) Another thing "All units that were created" is Replica "But they are closer to real life (Swedish rescue units) The same with PD Station & FD Station everything is "Replicas" Bonus "Tec is Done I will give you a link to "my Videos" where it is shown "Replica and Real Life PD Station - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5P7ejTlmas Skip to 1:02 FD Station - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsslOxY0KqE Skip to 0:39 Tec "New Video" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Jx1WbuqXo t's all for today #Regards TheVolume aka Adam
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    U P D A T E End of waiting "Yes" Swedish Mod is coming! But it depends on you! The plan was to do the Swedish city with the center of shops, buildings and houses (Unfortunately) It needs more time, I Go to the point - "Now" On Page #1 there is a poll ( So you can Vote ) Reply who has more votes will decide When will we see (Swedish Mod) Work on "T E C Vehicles" is under way #Regards TheVolume aka Adam Current photos for confirmation!
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    UPDATED: (12/20/2018): v2.0.1 was removed due to instability v3.0 IS IN DEVELOPMENT RELEASE DATE: TBA Itchboy managed to solve our lag issues, which was a huge hurdle to clear! We will be revamping the map, adding and polishing new units, cleaning up unnecessary ones, and putting the finishing touches on the next version. There will be significant gameplay changes. Mod Summary: The Montana Mod includes many new vehicles, personnel, structures, and equipment. It is set in an alternate history/re-visualization of the real-life ghost town of Monida Pass, in Beaverhead County, Montana. The mod provides the player with control over the first responders of an American small town and changes the look and feel of the gameplay environment to match. Itchboy is working on implementing script-based freeplay, which allows for more diverse callouts and several new features. Media:
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    In Europe they've been around for a long time and there are tons of models to choose from. The Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus. This is my first real attempt on creating a complete model by myself. Up to now I think it's working out pretty well although there are a few tricky bits. Currently I'm trying to model the grill on the cab which is proving to be quite a task. Here are a couple of pictures, I'll be trying to get updates on how it's working out to you guys! I'd be glad to get some feedback and tips to help me get on track!
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    Well " Thanks Latex When come to PD Station " must ask Itch how this better script work. Regards I allready edited existing ones " Thanks for advice I allready try it this map and Im so sorry but is not work and has alot bugs. Thanks btw & Regards I think that you are not very interested in my " Swedish mod" even if I try make good LA map would never work here " This is EU Mod " Need EU Map. Thanks " you to! That " sound good " Well I can crate New one if I can " Thanks " Take care That " what I do now " Edit Existent one" ty
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    U P D A T E There is not much left to do "Speaking of the upcoming Swedish Mod Currently, work is underway on FD Station (You will see how it looks like) By summing up "Me TheVolume and Itchboy" we focus on Scripts Itchboy has an idea how to improve PD Station "I'm talking about the script Still "missing Vehicles of the" ladder truck for the FD and the "Crane to TEC They are not ready yet " This is the plan for the station see photos So many vehicles are currently H - means Helicopters see photos #Regards TheVolume aka Adam Current photos for confirmation!
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    Modding is as much failure as it is success. I hope to be able to get this right by next week.
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    I have a question what car model is the police cars? Is this right: chevrolet Impala, Ford Explorer and marked/unmarked Ford Crown vic's? We don't have those or never had those in Norway/Europe were i am from. :-D And your mod looks stunning ;-)
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    Please note that as you are using content from other modifications, you are unable to publicly release the modification (this includes sending it to various individuals) without the permission of those whose content is used. However the edits made are looking good so far, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
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    Can you please take real screenshots with your computer, not your phone.
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    There isnt a link yet. The mod isnt done yet. I'll assign testers based on their reputation and history of being reliable. Please refrain from posting 2 consecutive times in the future.
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    when we're done see above a lot has happened if you care to read the topic we had a police package that was available 8 years ago but I got rid of the link so we can release newer updated units We're working at our own pace and have no deadline,if that doesn't work for you feel free not to follow the topic !
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    Very good work so far, cannot wait for the release!
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    And if anybody's interested, I've just made a very early playable version available on the game's Discord server available. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_05/5cdc3e1343c5f_DesktopScreenshot2019_05.06-16_32_37_47.thumb.png.6383d00d34ae704c30554b5ec00777cf.png It's still a pre-alpha, so the gameplay is very rough right now - but nonetheless it's indicative of what the game will eventually become. To get it, you're gonna have to join the Discord server, which is available here: join open alpha for Invasion Machine here
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    Progress on the ground ladder script. I have found a way to make 2 people carry the ladder. I'll see which of these things I can implement in the mod. I'm currently looking at pike poles and halligan tool functionality, but I have no idea where to start on the process.
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    What is the most recent version, of the better LA Mod?
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    Blackwood County is a work-in-progress mod project, that is aiming to depict the work of emergency services in rural parts of United States. In comparison with other popular mods of the similar theme, this mods focuses more on wilderness. It is based upon a custom freeplay map (in progress) that is aiming to recreate thick forests and steep hills of Pacific Northwest: As you can see, 65-75% of the map are covered with dense forests, a serpentine road with quite big height changes can be found on the southern edge of the map and a portion of small town called Pine Rock can be found on south-east. Bear in mind, that the map depicted in here may not depict current progress. Planned units/agencies for the mod: Law Enforcement TEC Units are yet undecided, but will, of course, include tow truck(s), an engineer vehicle and a crane Screenshots (credits under a second spoiler): Community's opinion is valued - post your comments and suggestions below If you wish to join the development process, feel free to contact me via PM. Currently assisting on development: Fred03 THVFD lapdlafd
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    Most recent version: v1.3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information The Additional Units Submod adds extra vehicles and personnel to the Los Angeles Mod. A couple of vehicles which got deleted from Los Angeles Mod have been added to this submod as well as a couple of units from Voodoo_Operator's cancelled Federal Units mod. I got permission to take care of his units. The reason why these additional units do not get added to the Los Angeles Mod is because they are basically unnecessary and useless. Because we do not want to abandon Voodoo_Operator's finished models for the cancelled Federal Units mod they will be released on this way as a submod for the Los Angeles Mod. Because of complaints some deleted vehicles from older versions of the Los Angeles mod will return as well. The submod also includes alternate sirens for the Los Angeles mod. Besides a new command to deploy the ATF Mobile Command Post the submod does not contain any new commands or other gameplay related features. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download DOWNLOAD: Additional Units Submod v1.3 (Only compatible with Los Angeles Mod v2.1) Additional Units Submod v1.2 (Only compatible with Los Angeles Mod v2.0 + update v2.0.2) Size: 7,80 MB Installation instructions: Double click the .exe file and follow the instructions. Make sure the installation directory points to your EM4/911:FR folder. Deinstallation instructions: Delete and reinstall the Los Angeles Mod (and its patches if necessary). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features New vehicles: - Large Rescue Ambulance - US Coast Guard Rescue Boat - US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin - Light Equipment Vehicle - LAPD Chevrolet Impala - LASD Helicopter - CHP Camaro - CHP Helicopter - LAPD SWAT SUV - US Border Patrol Dodge Charger - US Border Patrol Chevrolet Tahoe - ATF Unmarked Ford Crown Victoria - ATF National Response Unit - ATF Mobile Command Post - US National Guard Ambulance HMMWV - Old Tow Truck New personnel: - Border Patrol officer - ATF Agent - ATF SWAT Agent - ATF SWAT Sharpshooter Other: - Alternative sirens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots The vehicles: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Bugs found in v1.2: - None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits Original authors of vehicles used in the Additional Units Submod: - Chevrolet Tahoe, SWAT SUV, Chevrolet Impala & Eurocopter AS350 models by MikeyPI - Ford Crown Victoria model by nfspdf & lash00t0ut - ATF National Response Unit, ATF Mobile Command Post, USCG Dolphin and USCG Rescue Boat models by Voodoo_Operator -Some lights by Newfoundking The models and textures of these vehicles have been changed by other people with permission of the original authors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compatibility The Additional Units Submod is only compatible with v2.0 of the Los Angeles Mod. Is this mod compatible with other submod for the Los Angeles Mod? That totally depends on what files this submod and the other submods change to the Los Angeles mod. The submod should be compatible with submods which change lights of vehicles only like the Project Reality Lights submod. When submods change similar files you will get compatibility conflicts which might mess up your Los Angeles Mod installation. In case you want to find out if this submod is compatible with any other submods makes sure the other submods do NOT have the following files: Lang/en/command.xml Lang/en/infotexts.xml Lang/en/portraits.xml Specs/freeplaybase.xml Specs/freeplaybase_d.xml Specs/freeplaybase_mp.xml Specs/portraits.xml Scripts/Game/Command/entercar.script Scripts/Game/Command/LABallisticShield.script Scripts/Game/Command/LABattalionChief.script Scripts/Game/Command/LACallPatrolCar.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAChangeClothes.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAFlare.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAMP5.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAPatrol.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAPoliceBarricade.script Scripts/Game/Command/LASiren.script Scripts/Game/Command/LAToHospital.script Scripts/Game/Command/LATrafficCone.script You would need to edit the files to make them compatible to both submods if you want to prevent any problems with the Los Angeles Mod. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More information will be added later. Hoppah Last update: 05/30/2010
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    Looks very promising! I enjoyed the old submod and I hope this one is even better!
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    Thank you MikeyPI for sneaking my post here. Missionscript is being worked on. A lot of new models are WIP as well.
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    You can look through this thread and see the stuff they have created over the past few months.
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    I wish this wasn't private, i'd love to play a mod from ottawa as i live pretty close to ottawa and see the O.P.P quite often, (particularly at my house XD)
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    or is there a way to become a tester or something?
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