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    The mod is still active, don't worry. I've just been dealing with real life stuff and the distractions caused by other mods...
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    This is just a brief demonstration of how the new KME predator and Pierce Tiller looks in-game. They are still WIP, but so far they look pretty sharp. I'm also toying around with new LAFD siren tones. I made some minor tweaks to the LAFD fire station building lights as I didn't like the original version, so I made the lights to appear more 'natural'. The LAPD/EMS are still under works, so don't mind the base LA vehicles. They will be changed out in the future.
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    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have updated people on the progress of the mod. Truth is I have been burnt out from nodding and playing EM4 in general. When you are making a mod day in day out it just becomes tiresome and repetitive. My my plan is still to release the mod eventually but when that will be I don’t know and I don’t really want to give approximate release dates because of this. I have started to play EM4 again and I hope to get back into modding soon so hopefully I can post some progress in the near future. thank you for the continued support and interest and hopefully you will see something more soon. TACRfan
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    U P D A T E Mod is playable - but not all missions are available yet We still have to wait before everything will function in the game I tried Mod alone and everything works without any bug I tested 3 hours In today's update you will see photos from the official Swedish Mod Gameplay What missions are still not available? Ladder (access to 2nd story bldgs) - Not available yet I'm working on it HAZMAT (for decontamination of civs) - Not available yet I'm working on it In the next update we will see video of Official Swedish Mod Gameplay What do you think about this update Current photos for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
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    Yes, people can create things in Zmodeler. Blender is free and you can create things there too. Bama1234 (the modder of Montana mod) is known to use GMAX for his 3d models. As long as you are comfortable with the program and know what you're doing, you can make anything. When your trial of Zm3 runs out, consider doing a "downgrade" to Zm2 and try modelling things there. Zm3 has a special advantage though: You can edit person models in there.
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    Testing out new LAFD sirens for the rigs, I still need to iron out the sound quality but enjoying it so far ... features Motorola Spectra Siren and Whelen Epsilon siren.
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    U P D A T E Big News for Modification A Swedish map will be created Just like the Police and fire station, there will also be civilian buildings and the city center From the beginning, only Swedish emergency services were planned But now also Swedish Style in order for Mod to remind Sweden Me TheVolume & Itchboy decided so So I deal with the modeling of Swedish buildings as I modeled the police station and the fire station Itchboy will take care of the scripts and probably set everything on the map or do something I do not know now Everything is going with the plan from now on Another very important thing is how All Units in Game currently look Thanks to Itchboy, I learned the difference between (FLAT MODELS) and (SMOOTH MODELS) we have differences which will show in the picture right away It is very important if someone wants to learn 3D modeling After learning, I improved the models in the game and there is a lot of difference There are more news coming soon Current photo for confirmation! #Regards #TheVolume
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    UPDATED: (12/20/2018): v2.0.1 was removed due to instability v3.0 IS IN DEVELOPMENT RELEASE DATE: TBA Itchboy managed to solve our lag issues, which was a huge hurdle to clear! We will be revamping the map, adding and polishing new units, cleaning up unnecessary ones, and putting the finishing touches on the next version. There will be significant gameplay changes. Mod Summary: The Montana Mod includes many new vehicles, personnel, structures, and equipment. It is set in an alternate history/re-visualization of the real-life ghost town of Monida Pass, in Beaverhead County, Montana. The mod provides the player with control over the first responders of an American small town and changes the look and feel of the gameplay environment to match. Itchboy is working on implementing script-based freeplay, which allows for more diverse callouts and several new features. Media:
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    Future pics and videos will come soon in the next few weeks...stay tuned!!
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    For emergency 4 game As we know, in emergency 4 is the ability to create your own Modifications to the game Therefore, I decided to make Modifications which presents us with the Swedish rescue services Actual (News Videos Pictures) go to page 27 )
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    It tok me 1,5 years to get good in zm2 (just by trial and eror method). Try Zm2, it is much better.
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    This is a feature of the game to make it easier to find otherwise hidden vehicles. Though the majority of players do dislike it, and thankfully, you can turn it off! If you go to Wizardworks\EM4\em4.cfg and find the line <var name="e4_doocclusion" value="1" /> - Simply change the "1" to "0". Make sure you save before closing the file.
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    Long time no post from me, but I have been *loving* the Wegberg mod. I always watched jealously as others played but I knew my German wouldn't be good enough to figure it out so thank-you nodrog1061 for your hard work with the English translation! I have a series of questions, mostly fluff related but I would appreciate any answers from anyone. With such a 'realistic' mod, I feel it should be played realistically, and so some information on managing a German Volunteer Fire Department would be appreciated! What is the purpose of the GW-Logistik in the game? It's my favourite unit appearance wise but I never know when to send it or what to do with it? Similarly the SW2000, how is it different from the (H)LFs and TLFs, what should I be doing with it? When an alarm comes in, I assume you receive a random number of volunteers. So for things like a 'Feuer 1', when the LF10 is full, what is the most realistic next unit to send. I always lean towards the ELW but feel it could be the DLK or MTF? Or is there no set second vehicle? What about after that? The HLF is parked behind the RW in the default station - I find myself moving the RW, parking it on the forecourt and then crewing the HLF to send to 'Feuer 2' incidents in particular. Is that realistic? Or would the HLF only attend if the RW was sent as well? Are German responses to calls really that over-resourced? I feel certainly compared to the UK some of the calls attract a massive call-out, particularly of irrelevant units (TLFs attending RTCs?) I seem to get a fairly high rate of false alarms, is that normal for others playing the mod? When I set the old engine up with the Oil Binder 'Tiger' (?) it seems to bug out when the unit arrives on scene and disappear, anyone else have that issue? When should foam or the other chemical mix be used? Is there a specific task for them in game (car fires?) or is it just for looks? If I think of anything more I shall post again, but thanks in advance anyone who has a bash at answering my random questions! The OC-D
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    hey quick tip, more people will be inclined to help you if you show what progress you have so far with pictures.
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    Say hello to one of the volunteer firefighter POV's. Model by MikeyPI. Edited into GMC by me. This older Crown Vic will either be a POV or the slicktop/unmarked police car. Not sure what role it should have. Model by me. This truck will either be another POV, or the Swift Water trailer truck. Not sure on what I wanna do with this. This model will make a comeback as a Chevy Silverado which will be the Dillon VFD chief car. Model by MikeyPI, pickup truck conversion by me.
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    CFD posted a stream the other day of himself working on the mod, so its pretty obvious that the mod is in progress. Just be patient and let the authors do their thing.
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    Now I can Finaly modeled Fire Trucks Rigs mean whole back and make Acurate like we have in sweden I can model other things to like Led-Ramps or any Lightbars even a car. that I can make in Blender (3D) when it comes to your Q about Saabs I m modeled My first Ever Car model long ago I must finished is not Saab but Toyota GT86 Thats gana be Police Sport Special Tactical Unit I have finished whole model Need only do the UV Map There be update that shows what I mean check this out Regards TheVolume
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    In order to keep this thread on topic, here's a WIP of the Beaverhead Fire Engine. Its obviously not finished, but its getting there.
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    I'm livestreaming, this is your chance to see the work in progress in the editor on the new units. https://gaming.youtube.com/user/drunkpolice/live
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    I have good news for you I going to bring back Blue and white cop cars Mod is set betwen 2005-2013 I have made Real Replica Swedish Fire Truck Scania There be also Mercedes FD Truck & Volvo Truck comming in next update Bud
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    That looks like an error on the part of the mod itself, and not anything you did.
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    Sorry for the long wait with information but there was nothing to report.After a long break CFD and myself have slowly begun work to get this completed.To those who are understanding and patient,I thank you. We'll be posting updates once we get going and have actual news to share with you.
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    It is finished and ready to download! These are some Czech Skins, but it is serving as a ambulance in many countries! authors of the amarok DrDrummer, Janku authors of the whelen M7 Itchboy
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    Work on the modification stopped as of 2015.
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    EM4 without mods:nothing, some kind of boring EM4 with mods: old but gold still playing it in 2018, such a classic.
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    Another thing that I realized in relation to this topic is that the technical issues and incompatibility with modern hardware are other factors that are making the game less popular. I'm sure there's plenty of people who just gave up on the game because they couldn't get it to run on their PC's. We're fast approaching the point where GPU drivers wont even let the game run anymore, and there wouldn't be anything we can do about it. In that case, there would be no older driver to roll back to, so the user is left with no solution for making the game work. That incompatibility falls on the shoulders of 16T. See, they recently updated the Em4 Deluxe listing on Steam. I am sure they still have access to the original code - they could have at least updated the game to be more friendly with modern hardware before putting the damn game up on Steam.
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    Awesome models and vehicles! I can't wait to play this!
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    i just did a search in freeplay parametres and freeplay endless fies, and couldn't find anything, if you want less events, you could also try and edit <AverageFrequency value = "1.0" /> in each event paragraph, and make the "1.0" lower, because it makes the average number of that type of event lower for every 10 minutes that you play the game. and if you want more events, make it higher. if you still have no luck, i can send you an attatchment of my specs folder, but you'd need to tell me what events you want to play with, and the ones you dont want, and what event you want to play most etc. cheers, Tom.
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    i think to answer question one, go into Specs/fp_freeplay_endless and change the "<MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "60.0" />" to a high value, to make mine more realistic so i can return everything to HQ without there being another event, i changed mine too "<MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "160.0" />", as for question 2, go into specs/fp_freeplay_endless once again, and find the following paragraph, which is under the <events> line, and it should look like this <!-- JH --> <EFPEventFlashStrike> <Enabled value = "1" /> <!-- AverageFrequency: average number of events per 10 minutes (gets multiplied by timezone parameter "flash/frequenceyfactor") --> <AverageFrequency value = "90.0" /> <!-- DamageRadius: in meter --> <DamageRadius value = "25.0" /> <Worth value = "10.0" /> <SearchDamageRounds value = "100" /> <SupervisorStart value = "ID_SUPERV_EVENT36" /> <SupervisorFinish value = "" /> </EFPEventFlashStrike> but if it doesnt, the thing you will probably need to cahnge is the <enabled value ="0" /> to <Enabled value = "1" /> hope this helps, Tom. just read over what you wanted for question 1, as you didnt specify, if you want more events, then lower the value and that should work.
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    Suggestion. It would be really awesome to have a parking feature where you can precisely choose where to park vehicles like they have the latest version of London Mod!
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    This topic is eight years old. Do not resurrect threads.