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mr matt5432123

creating car accidents in editor not working

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Hello, today I began working on car accidents for my Edgewater modification. however, after I made a sample car accident to make sure I was doing it right I loaded up the game and the parts of the car accident could be seen on the map except for objects labeled something like "ccard_1_a" but everything else still showed up before the call was given. Could someone please help me solve this problem?

Here's what I did: 1 place down a car and labeled it "ccar_1"

2 place down a person and labeled it "ccarp_1_a" I made the person injured and lowered the remaining health to 350

3 put down 2 debris and labeled the first one "ccard_1_a" and the second one "ccard_1_b"


After all that like I said, I loaded up the map and freeplay and the car and person were visible, though the debris was not. Thanks.


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11 minutes ago, itchboy said:

The debris shouldnt have the _a or _b. Persons should be named ccarp_1a or 1b I believe.

Name them as ccard_x only. x Being the relevant number.

same thing continues to happen, do I need to check anything in properties? and would it help if I took a few pictures?

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i think the person needs to  be 'enclosed' in the car. in the editor, select the ccar vehicle and go into their 'traits' where you can set 'enclosed person'. choose the ccarp_1a, b and so on.

the game doesnt seem to like it when the 'ccar' vehicle has no trapped occupants. it seems to reject some car crashes like that.

the debris as well may be glitching out the game if not named right. try taking a look at the default em4 crashes and taking notes of the names, objects used, and all of their traits and properties. it should give u an idea as to how it has to be done.

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okay, so firstly sorry for re-opening this topic, I thought I got this figured out but apparently not. I have one car accident working but the rest do not, I can not note any differences between them except that the one that does work only has one person's involved.

Here are some pictures that I hope can help. The first is of the car crash that works, the rest are the one's that do not work. I am pretty sure I got the names correct.


Em4 2016-06-27 13-44-48-649.jpg

Em4 2016-06-27 13-45-10-030.jpg

Em4 2016-06-27 13-45-30-145.jpg

Em4 2016-06-27 13-45-52-842.jpg

Em4 2016-06-27 13-46-18-206.jpg

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