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Canadir CL-415

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Hi everybody :)

I'm RD_Saarland. A few people will know me from the 2 German Emergency-Forums.

Now i am here and i will come up  with something new :)

Today with a Canadair CL-415:


Modell: RD_Saarland
Texture: RD_Saarland
Lights & Sound: RD_Saarland
Animation: RD_Saarland

Watercloud: R1994

I hope you will like it :)
If i am ready with the plane (they're comes 2 textures for other country's (italia & france) and a radarnose as Child),

than it will be avaible to download.


Its one of many US models from me (i build trains, schoolbus (yellow one), and so on).



p.s. sorry for my bad english :/

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Bigg fan of your models !!! I have a question, or maybe its two... However wondered if I could make the Ford Transit, in NRW to a Low-Roof version, with your permission? Do you have this cabin ?

Yes, you can make it ;)

The Cabin is a Special Model from Chidea and me, actually not for downloading ;)

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Guys, let's keep it on topic. Any discussions that are unrelated can be taken to PM.


@RD_Saarland: Welcome to the forum. Do you have any plans to upload your models here as well?

Thanks :)

I will do ;)

In this time i save all on my HDD. if there are all together, than i will upload all :)

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