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  1. My apologies, I misread your post, thought you meant you were loading by clicking freeplay.
  2. As has been stated multiple times, including further up this page, you must load the campaign. If you attempt to load freeplay, it won't work. Select campaign and then select the only mission that you have as an option. It will not load from freeplay, due to all the scripting that had to be done to allow the game to function.
  3. Has anyone else had trouble with the deploying the rescue boat? Everytime I try the truck tries to back up to the water, the trailer swings around and then the truck drives away from the water again, without the boat going in.
  4. They should be in the next patch, EmC-Unit hasn't released them, he's still demoing them. There should be a notice from him, when the new patch with these units comes out.
  5. Sounds awesome, thanks. I think MDFR started up a tactical medic program recently.
  6. Armoured car looks awesome, just a question, what is your plan for the unit? Is it going to be an armoured ambulance (perhaps with a tactical medic) or another squad unit like the F550? Just curious, like the unit regardless.
  7. You should be able to just click on the TEC tab on the lower dispatch area and then move your cursor back onto the playing area, once you do that, typically the TEC units show up on the dispatch menu. They can't be called by the Police or Fire Dispatchers, only from the vehicle ordering menu.
  8. Send a second officer to the scene. Click on them, then click on the officer holding the suspect. Officer should then search the suspect.
  9. You have to direct your EMT to collect a stretcher from the ambulance, then to use that stretcher to pick up the patient and put him in the ambulance. If you do that, when he gets to the hospital he'll unload the pt into the hospital, then come back out and get in the truck. Alternatively, just always send your ambulance back to HQ instead of hospital, then it doesn't matter how they're loaded and you'll still get the points for completing the task.
  10. Go to downloads, emergency 4, big mods and then just scroll to find LA Mod 2.1. Just tried and seems to work for me
  11. Cops have tasers, hold control while you tell them to draw their weapon and they'll draw a taser instead.
  12. Has not been released. It's a WIP, to be released after their LA mod update
  13. How did I not know that you guys had started back up on this? Apparently I'm late rejoining this discussion. The new 2020 models for BCAS and the RCMP look fantastic. Can't wait till this comes out.
  14. You have to tell the EMT to get a stretcher from the ambulance, then go pick up the patient and put them in the truck. If you only have him pick up the patient, like the normal fire fighter carry, then he can't get into the hospital with them. The only way to make that method work, is to send the ambulance back to hq.
  15. Knew you had a 2020 Explorer, was specifically the slicktop idea. Awesome work as always guys
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