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  1. well thats a good question .... discord is kinda chartroom/forum where you could discuss topic that are related to games I don't know if administrators will allow putting the invite link for the EM4 community but if so I will be happy to help update: I read the TOS and nothing against putting links so ....: https://discord.gg/mp6x7cz
  2. you should go to discord you will see more activity there
  3. I am having this problem after I installed the ers mod pls help the car review pictures is white http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_12/5c05255dc1234_Em42018-12-0314-42-00-37.jpg.c0fc70dbab96b999abd676c6a291a93c.jpg
  4. Option 1 because there are always some good people
  5. I uploaded the file bu it needs the approval
  6. Version 0.7


    hi this patch is for us army mod i dont own the mod and all the credit go to Hoppah the Author to install the patch just place the files in the right way 911 First Responders\Mods\US Army Mod\Models\Objects\02 Objects 911 First Responders\Mods\US Army Mod\Models\Vehicles\02 Local Emergency Services ================================================= Credits: Author: Hoppah MikeyPI Ford E-Series, HMMWV and Eurocopter AS565 Panther models Voodoo_Operator Local police officer and -fire fighter skins Rafaelfernandez M2 Bradl
  7. here she is the last patch of the Us army download link: us army fix.zip us army fix.zip
  8. hi this patch is for us army mod i dont own the mod and all the credit go to Hoppah the Author what i did that i fixed the Arabic language on the signs and the cars of the local emergency Vehicles if i can release it to public just tell me
  9. i ban you for the pink ambulance
  10. Can you add stretcher script to the mod???
  11. hi i have a suggestion if you can make DUI Checkpoint on the highway sorry for any Disturbance
  12. do you have the last la mod 3.0v i think ??
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